FAM3 - Skribbl.io


  • You will be invited to a private Scribbl.io room. Please join under your FoL username or a recognizable variation.
  • The game will be played over a series of three rounds. In each round, each player will get a turn.
  • On your turn, you will have the choice between three words.
  • Once you have picked a word, you must then draw it. Other players will attempt to guess while you draw. Players get points based on correctly and quickly guessing, and being correctly guessed.
  • Players must put in a good-faith effort to actually draw their words. Actions such as deliberately leaving the canvas blank will result in you being disqualified.
  • You can see the number of letters by looking at the top of the screen. Specific letters may be revealed during the turn.
  • The winner is whoever has the most points after all three rounds have concluded.
  • Two hosts will also be players in the game, in order to enable us to view the final scores. Their scores will not count for prizes, and they will not deliberately favor certain players.

does it involve any fake words?

I haven’t added any custom words, but some of the words in vanilla Skribbl.io are proper nouns and such

@eevee @Wazza @Atlas come join

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my computer was having problems

it no longer is

thanks for playing, you may return to the thread

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