[FEEDBACK] More transparent moderation

Just a simple message on whether action was taken on a report is nice to have. They do this on Mafia Universe and it’s nice to see.

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I think this is helpful even if you (the mods) disagree with the report and are not taking action, fwiw

No need to get into specifics of what action is taken if any is but it’s nice to know

This being said I suspect that the number one reason for not getting feedback on reports is that it can have game integrity implications if the report is related to a game (and most are). That one’s tricky, and I don’t think there’s a clear-cut right answer.

Could just wait till after the game ends to send the “Action has been taken” message. Or reserve Gamethrowing/Angleshooting reports till after the game is over

Actually I don’t think this is good because it would have the same problem.

The primary benefit of letting people know that something happened is to avoid them feeling ignored for a flag. Acknowledging that we’ll look into and discuss any problems tends to communicate the same message that you aren’t being flatly ignored.

Are you stating that you want this to happen or that this already happens.

This is how the current procedure tends to work. If someone just sends a flag we tend to discuss it (as we do for every flag) without necessarily sending a private response to the reporter. If somebody sends us a direct message over Discourse or Discord with their concerns, one or several of us will usually thank them before reviewing the matter.

Currently, we do not have a practice of telling people when or how we resolved the flag afterwards.

I have only ever received feedback on 1 Report and it was that “Action was taken”

Maybe it’s just that some people send feedback and some don’t

Actually nvm I have never received feedback @Magnus

Noted. We’ve been trying to codify a policy, so this certainly helps to get others’ perspectives on the matter.

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Apart from that, I would say their is a general lack of communication with Moderation surrounding issues. I don’t know if it has gotten better within the past 3 months, but whenever I wanted to communicate with a moderator it varied drastically on whether I would get a response or not.

I think if you report an issue maybe you should receive a message on whether moderation is still working on the issue if it has been a couple of days or not, maybe something like:

“We are still currently resolving the issue” etc.

Just give out the feedback once the game is over.

If somebody is upset and writes a report and they receive the answer “no, we disagree that this was bad. No action was taken” this will realistically upset the person who wrote the report more. Probably at the mod. I wouldnt wanna be the mod having to deliver that message because id know it would happen and i wouldnt wanna deal with that. Silence is the least confrontational way of refusal or disagreement

I think the size of the community matters a lot. In a gigantic community like a place with thousands or tens of thousands of people things are way less personal and more automatic, so i think things like that make a lot of sense there. FoL is like 50 people. Its a tiny, very tiny place. At least in my mind. To me it makes sense to be realistic that its a tiny place and so everything is a lot more personal, each FoLer makes a large chunk of the community. So like, to me at least the automatic robot stuff just doesnt make sense. When you hang out with a bunch of friends you dont resolve conflicts the same way youd resolve them in a large place where youd need to lawyer it up


This reasoning is pretty flawed because you are making assumptions that people will throw a temper tantrum if action isn’t taken on their report. Not to mention you don’t really have any data to back up this claim.

Could just test run having more feedback in reports to see if someone throws a tantrum if the mods disagree. Like I said before, they already do this on MU

… huh?

bestie people do get upset if they think nothing is being done about their perfectly reasonable reports
not EVERYONE mind you but like

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also no one has data
at least not hard scientific data
like. this is one of those circumstances where you Just Have To use anecdotes


Mafia Universe litterally has this system in place.

i think basically the moderation equivalent of a “processed” message is good in theory but like

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It’s more upsetting to not hear anything.