Fortress of Lies Lore

In 1701 AC Silver Syndicate was first established.
In 1750 AC Silver Syndicate was deemed to have the most territory in the world and at that time were considered the most advanced and most powerful.
In 1850 AC, approximately 100 years later, a Fortress like Island was discovered in the South East, Larger then any other island owned by the Silver Syndicate.
As such the Silver Syndicate decided to take the territory approximately a decade later so they sent 3 different groups of soldiers to inhabit the island.
Unknowingly to other groups, each group were very specific people.

The first group was a group of prisoners that inhabit the Upper Mainland, the only entrance point to the Fortress, they became known as the Bronze Hydra
The second was a group of citizens that disproved of the Silver Syndicates ways and wanted a different life cycle, they became known as the Blue Dragon.
The last group was a group of those that were in poverty that the Silver Syndicate figured they didn’t need around in their territory and now live in the Sidelands of this Fortress, they became known as the Grey Anglers.
As the years pass and it becomes of approximately
1960, each of those 3 factions are now faced with 2 different enemies that they have to constantly deal with, it’s as expected to have happened since this Fortress is a Powerful Territory and has a society of its own.

AC = After Calamity

Side Note: I plan to do some turbos to showcase this a bit more and test out how some factions and roles do.



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This is the lore I have made, do you have a problem with it?

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  1. why is there extra factions
  2. why hasn’t the industrial revolution taken place yet
  1. why do we need lore



the industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race

Because the Blue Dragon isn’t the only kingdom and it was originally part of Silver Syndicate.

Like how Australia, United States and Canada was originally part of the United Kingdom.

There is no Industrial Revolution in this world, as there was never a Blue Dragon Kingdom in our world.

Lore is Good, keeps things intriguing.

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how about the printing press

you literally just made that up

if you want lore about the silver syndicate make an sfol and then make lore there

I still made my point.

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the fuck

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wheres the dream shirt

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thanks zorvo

Jesse what the fuck are you talking about


Reading this brings me back to when I was proposing to write a story for Throne of Lies and was writing on it’s full history and events. I’m aware of the Blue Dragons, but the others… not so much.

As a person new to the Fortress of Lies, I would like to ask a few questions.

  1. Of what purpose was the Silver Syndicate established?
  2. The Silver Syndicate wanted to claim an island, but for what purpose?
  3. Who are the 2 enemy factions that have appeared? And what are their purpose?
  4. Will the Silver Syndicate be relevant in the future?
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