Forum Game Queue and Submit Thread

Name: Upick & Ureceive!
Hosts: Garfooled & Zorvo
Size: 9-13
Speed: 48/24
Type: Special

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I’ll offer to cohost if you don’t find anyone else.

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You’ve got the spot now if you want it
I was going to just take the first offer when I posted sign-ups

Name: Vampire The Masquerade SFM
Hosts: Frostwolf103 & Baker
Size: 15
Speed: 48/24
Type: Special
Setup: Closed
Anti-Claim: Yes
Bastard Elements: Yes
Conversion: Yes

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Game Name: Stellaris: Apocalypse Mash
Game Hosts: ElizaThePsycho + Atlas + Zone_Q11 + Hazardwaste
Game Size: 30
Game Speed: 24/24
Game Type: Mash
Start Date: December 18 (probably)
Opens signups: December 4 (hopefully)

Long have I waited


Game Name: Botf XXV - Trouble Brewing Expert Mode
Game Hosts: CRichard + ?
Game Size: 5-20
Game Speed: 48/24
Game Type: Misc
Note: Probably won’t be until Christmas and will have a Christmas theme.

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Game Name: Katze Rules
Game Hosts: Cult of Katze
Game Size: 1 to Katze
Game Speed: As fast as Katze.
Game Type: Katze
Note: Katze is Cool

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Splatfest Revenge! has passed review

The Cyberiad Overhaul FM has passed review.

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@Garfooled can open Popcorny Mafia



need a hand?

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Name: Purgatory II
Hosts: Garfooled & Leafia
Size: 9-15
Speed: 48/24
Type: Vanilla