Forum Game Queue and Submit Thread

Before submitting to the queue, please read this:

To host a game please express in this thread that you want to host it. When you do so, please provide the following information:

  • Your game name
  • Who is hosting it
  • Size of your game
  • Game speed (what are the day/night cycles)
  • Game type (what category of mafia does it fall under).

Please do NOT include the contents of the setup in this thread.

This game has to be completed to be put in the In Review section. This includes everything, such as the OP and rolecards.

A reviewer will be assigned to you after that.

Example Format

Game Name: D&D Monster Manual Mafia
Game Host: DatBird
Game Size: 13
Game Speed: 48/24
Game Type: Standard

Game Name:
Game Host:
Game Size:
Game Speed:
Game Type:

Game Types

Current Game Types Include:

  • CoD: The Website’s premiere game, handled by the CoD Balance Team
  • SCoD: A variant of CoD
  • Vanilla FM: Games with only vanilla roles that are open/semi open. List of roles
  • Standard FM: Like Vanilla but closed.
  • Special FM: An FM game that does not fit the above categories.
  • Misc: Non-mafia games.

Subcategories that exist but are not needed:

  • Anon: all alt game
  • Comp: Competitive Game

For a more detailed explanation of game types, read the Hosting Guidelines

Explanation on Queues

Vanilla Queue: Vanilla and Standard FM games at reviewers disgression
Misc: Non Mafia Games
Special Queue: Anything not deemed to be a Misc, RP, or a Vanilla Queue Game
Invitationals: Please contact DatBird if you want to host one of these well in advance to schedule them. They will still need to be reviewed and follow sites rules


[Game Name] [Host(s)] [Game Size] [Game Speed] [Game Type] [Status] [Reviewer]
Chair of Deception 2 Amelia + ElizaThePsycho 17 48/24 CoD Ongoing Arete
Omega Strikers Invitational orangeandblack5 12 200/24 Special Recruiting Prophylaxis
Stratagem-10 Zone_Q11 + beancat 12 48/24 Vanilla Signups Arete

Waiting to Start Special Queue

[Game Name] [Host(s)] [Game Size] [Game Speed] [Game Type] [Start Date] [Reviewer]
SCoD 68 Arete + ??? 11 48/24 SCoD TBD Marluxion
April Showers Overhaul Zone_Q11 + ??? 15 48/24 Special TBD Marluxion
Hell Echoes FM Zone_Q11 + ??? 13 48/24 Special TBD Prophylaxis
Need For Speed Most Wanted FM Frostwolf103 + Dum 15 48/24 Special TBD Zone_Q11 + Prophylaxis
The Grand Idea Game in which Nothing Can Go Wrong in Any Way Whatsoever, and which is Entirely Skill Based ElizaThePsycho + Dum 17/21 24/24 Special TBD Mistyx
ENA Genie 13’er YouButWorse+ Dum 13 48/24 Special TBD Prophylaxis
Play at your own risk #1 Dum + Eliza + Zorvo 16+ 48/24 Special TBD Prophylaxis
Chapter I — The Jutting Watchtower nightingale + Wazza 23 48/24 Special TBD Geyde + Zone_Q11
True Majority FM Zone_Q11 + ??? 13 48/24 Special TBD Arete

Waiting to Start Vanilla Queue

[Game Name] [Host(s)] [Game Size] [Game Speed] [Game Type] [Start Date] [Reviewer]
Ragnarok Sorcerer17 Geyde + ??? 17 48/24 Vanilla TBD Zone_Q11
One Step From Eden JK9 Amelia + ??? 9 48/24 Vanilla TBD Prophylaxis

In Review

[Game Name] [Host(s)] [Game Size] [Game Speed] [Game Type] [Reviewer]
SCoD 69 𝕟𝕚𝕔𝕖: 🅖🅡🅐🅝🅓 🅘🅓🅔🅐 Geyde + ??? 16+ 48/24 SCoD ???
A Day to Remember ElizaThePsycho + ??? 17 24 Special ???

Work in Progress

[Game Name] [Host(s)] [Game Size] [Game Speed] [Game Type]
Hippies in Paradise Gghana + ??? 15 48/24 VFM, MU
Crusader Kings II Mafia - Charlemagne Gghana + ??? 18 48/24 Special
France Mafia Gghana + Geyde 15+ 48/24 VFM(MU,Open)
Astrologaster Mafia GGhana + Geyde 17 48/24 Special
Super Upick Ultimate Icibalus + ??? 17 48/24 Special, Upick
Evo Mafia 2 sulit 12-14 48/24 Standard
Officiant Grand Idea ChopChop 20 48/24 Standard
Dragalia Lost: Shattered Timeline Insanity 24 48/24 Minimash
Warrior Cats Signup Thread Mad34 GGhana 34 12/12 Minimash(MU)
Danganronpa on the Clocktower thepigeonnyc 14 48 Misc
History UPick clonedcheese lmao 48/24 UPick
Puzzle Competition Arete 1-infinity 24 Misc
Danganronpa v69: Killer Clowns GGhana 15 48/24 Vanilla (MU)
Rokugan FM 2 Mercenary ??? 48/24 SFM
Fyre Aelin 18 A game that focuses on the fact that you all are murderous maniacs and feeds you bloodlust. Cheaper than therapy! When the games ready
Blood on the Forums XI thepigeonnyc + hopefully others Max 20 Blood on the Forums but polished to be fit for the Forums. June
BOTF ???: Ultra Fish Bucket Intensify 5 - 15 Unknown Misc
Minority Rule Royale 3: Automated thepigeonnyc’s bot Infinity 24 Misc
Yandere and Companies Mafia Ruby 16 48/24 SFM
Betrayal at House on the Hill Whysper 3-6 Turn-based Misc
Mafia Trials Twil1ight 9 48/24 Vanilla
Telephone Pictionary I: Genesis JakeTheWolfie 15+ 24/72 Misc
Virtual Legendary Dungeon: ReDux Marluxion 8 h e l p Misc
Senate Simulator ElizaThePsycho ??? 48/24 Special
Danganronpa - Revelations Aelin 16 N/A Misc
FE7: The Blazing Blade Mafia Mercenary 17 48/24 Special
America Forum Mafia - The Great Anarchy Italy 56 48/24 Mash
Zorvo’s bastard mafia game Zorvo + ??? 20 48/24 Special (Bastard)
Made in Abyss Keldi + ??? 7 Variable Misc (RP)
System eevee + WindwardAway 18+ ??? Special
Society eevee + WindwardAway 18+ ??? Special
Jester Cult Overhaul Zone_Q11 + ??? 9 48/24 Special
Stratagem-17 Zone_Q11 + ??? 9 48/24 Vanilla
Stratagem-18 Zone_Q11 + ??? 9 48/24 Vanilla
Stratagem-21 Zone_Q11 + ??? 9 48/24 Vanilla
Stratagem-27 Zone_Q11 + ??? 9 48/24 Vanilla
Stratagem-34 Zone_Q11 + ??? 9 48/24 Vanilla
CAMPFIRE SONG Zone_Q11 + ??? 12 48/24 Special
Undertale Overhaul Zone_Q11 + ??? 15 48/24 Special
Restless Spirits Zone_Q11 + ??? 13 48/24 Special
Questions Reload Zone_Q11 + ??? 14 48/24 Special
Ever Changing Seasons (Revised) Zone_Q11 + ??? 17 48/24 Special


[Game Name] [Host(s)] [Game Size] [Small Description] [Status]
BOTF XVII: U-Pick Your Poison Magnus and Jarek 7 - 19 Blood on the Clocktower but you can choose your own character. Ongoing
Monster mistery Marluna 4+ (Let’s figure out if someone’s future can your past) Roleplay/“escape room” In the queue

Miscs do not have to go through review to be placed in the misc queue, but should be posted as a reply regardless. The misc queue exists to visualize the placement of your game. Each user may have only 1 misc queued at a time. Reviewers/mods reserve the right to not allow your game to run.


@Geyde 's ‘Holy Shit’ Sorcerer17 can open for signups!

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“Fill it this time.”-:bird:

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Game Name: Stonks FM
Host(s): EliThePsycho + hope
Game Size: good question
Game Speed: 48/24
Game Type: Special (anon (maybe))

@aelin 's Dungeon Master can open for signups!

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“Fill it this time.”-:bird:

@katze 's Risky Light Game, Featuring Rain can open for signups!

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Game Name: Garctic Mafia
Host(s): Osieorb18 + ??? (I have someone in mind but planning is pain)
Game Size: Uhhh? (Working on it)
Game Speed: 48/24
Game Type: Special/Mash

Game Name: BotF I.I Hand of Darkness
Hosts: Amelia + Daeron
Game Size: 7-15
Game Speed: 12/12/24
Game Type: Misc



Game Name: Franks’ 30th Birthday Party: Darling in the Franks
Hosts: Frank + Frank
Game Size: 30 Franks
Game Speed: Double Frank / Frank
Game Type: Frank


@Intensify 's BotF XIII: Archives of Insanity can open for signups!

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@Zone_Q11’s Questions FM has passed review, and shall be moved to the Waiting to Start section… wait, it’s already there? Okay, sure.



Main Host - Nightingale/Rokon
Game Size - 21
Game Speed - 48 (12+12+12+12) / 24
Game Type - Anonymous Special Mini-Mash (Mafia Universe)

Status - Nearly Complete. Currently a work in progress. Not ready for review.



send me this for review please

(if you lost the setup information in the move that’s fine, just send it whenever you’ve recreated it)

In Review (Review by @Geyde)

Game Name: Nobility’s Choice
Hosts: Osie + ???
Game Size: Currently 11 people
Game Speed: 48/24
Game Type: Special, Open, Avalon-Esque.

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Please do not assign start dates to games.

The games are going in a specific order to fit our queue, and we will give it a start date when we have a proper way to sort the back of the queue. Changes to the OP are public, so do not do it - we can see it. It may take some time to get your game a start date, but that does not mean you can assign it yourself.


@Ranta and @Daeron 's Bastard scp FM can open for signups!

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@Amelia 's BotF I.I: Hand of Darkness can open for signups!

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@GGhana 's Didney Worl.exe: The Lost Chapters - Ru Paul’s Drag Race can open for signups

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Game Name: Deltarune Chapter 1 The FM Game
Hosts: Wazza, YBW and Daeron
Game Size: More than likely it’ll be 20 or more
Game Speed: 48/24 (Probably won’t change, but it might)
Game Type: Special, Closed, Mini-Mash(?)

pain and suffering, I was coerced into this


Renamed to: Deltarune (So Far) Mafia