Friend’s Discord Server — Mafia Returns

my friend sent me a discord server they were in since we connected over playing a bunch of text mafia!
its not really my speed but i know some of yall like playing tos and more open/semi-open setups so
figured i might as well drop it here and if it seems interesting to you you can go check it out

This is a reworked version of the classic game Mafia. Each real-life day (or two), one in-game day or night will pass. You will each get a role, and will take your night actions secretly (PM me in the custom channel I’ll make for you or in your faction’s channel, if your faction has one), while during the day, you can talk freely among yourselves about what to do. The goal is simple: eliminate everyone who is not on your team, whether through killing at night, or lynching during the day. But, it is not that easy: the villagers do not know who the other villagers are, while the Mafia, though small in number, know each other’s identities. And watch out! There will be at least one neutral player among you, who seek their own agenda. Will the villagers find and eliminate all of the Mafia? Or will the Mafia be able to hide long enough to pick off the villagers one by one? Or will the neutrals be able to survive long enough to complete their mission? We’ll find out when we play a few games of Mafia Returns!

If you like social deduction games like Town of Salem and Werewolf/Mafia (or this great one the advertisement’s in :D), you should join Mafia Returns. Mafia Returns is a reworked version of the classic game Mafia that uses the core mechanics of Town of Salem (with some slight tweaks to make it work better in an asynchronous format), but has over 150 roles covering a total of 9 different factions, plus some neutrals who have their own objectives. (Some roles do not exist anywhere else!) Phases are 24 hours long, so even if you can only get on once per day, you will still be able to take actions, send messages, and vote.

Mafia Returns




I’ve read nothing but OCTUPLE THREAT

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I hear Octuple Threat
I’ll join

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Just joined Mafia Returns.

Anyway, good night now everyone. :sleepingleafeon: