From the Depths of Hell I have Summoned it. Bad CRPGs and Forum Mafia have produced this...

will take suggestions

loot will 99% of the time be decided with a loot table

(this is a burner gmail account btw)

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click bait title


potions of ambrosia and scrolls of teleport are gone

replaced with

Scroll of Swapping: Pick a player, pick an item of yours. They will pick an item of theirs. These items will change inventories.

Scroll of Skullduggery: Pick a player, learn their inventory of unidentified items. Pick an unidentified item in their inventory and identify it for them

Potion of Education: Pick a category of Scroll, Potion or Wand. You identify a random item in this grouping.

if you ever consider running this you will need a multitude of cohosts and a good spreadsheet