Game over. [Someone won, Someone lost]

BTM mini
Hosted by @Marluna and @Leafia


  • Global Site Rules
  • Do not post in languages other than English, edit/delete posts, like posts while dead, utilize shared/hydra accounts, utilize multiple accounts, use polling/wiki features, attempt to mimic host messages, post fake quotes of other players, or spam/slank excessively.
  • Do not cheat. Announcing intention to cheat, yet not acting upon it, will still confer punishment.
    • Do not gamethrow or sabotage games. You are permitted to play terribly, but doing so with the intention to troll will confer punishment.
    • Do not discuss host decisions or replacements in the game thread, especially to gain an in-game advantage.
    • Do not employ out of game information in order to get an in-game advantage. This rule will be enforced loosely with the exception of role indicative information, which should instead be made known to the host and will be handled appropriately.
      Try not to enable other players to do this either. You can help by not talking about the game outside the game thread.
    • Do not attempt to weaponize the host.
    • Do not announce intent to replace out, or make posts that could easily be interpreted in that manner.
    • Do not strategically replace out.
    • Do not attempt to abuse loopholes in the rules in order to accomplish any of the above. If you are not sure if something is legal or not, communicate such to the host in your PM.

General Basics

  • The last player standing is the victor. There can only be 1 winner.
  • A player’s role is not revealed when they die (of course, if their role was guessed you will know it).
  • Each player will have a different role. All roles are guaranteed.
    *each game realeted PM most consist both hosts as well


The game runs on a 3-phase cycle: (Challenge Phase, Action Phase, Voting Phase, repeat)

Challenge Phase

The Challenge Phase lasts 48 hours, being divided into to two parts.

  • The game begins on this phase.
  • Players may “/challenge” other players to dances or duels in their rolecards in the first 24 hours of the phase.
  • During the latter 24 hours of the phase, or once all challenges are submitted, the challenges issued are revealed, and players /accept or /deny in their rolecards.
  • During the first challenge phase (and only during the first challenge phase) players may deny unlimited times, which doesn’t take away their initial deny gift.
  • Players must specify whom they are accepting or denying, a bare accept or deny will blanket cover all challenges against you whether you know of them or not.
  • If the challenged player does not respond by the end of the Challenge Phase, the challenge is automatically accepted.
  • Each player may only challenge once per Challenge Phase (even if the challenge is denied), but can be challenged multiple times.
  • If a player does not wish to challenge, they may instead “/nochallenge”. This allows the phase to end earlier. Players must still choose whether to accept or deny challenges.
  • The results of the challenges will be posted at the end of the Action Phase (see Action Phase).
  • The victors of duels and dances are determined by which player’s roles are higher on the respective list (see below), plus any interfering abilities.
  • Regardless of whether or not a challenge is won or lost, all participating parties recieve a gift.
  • If all players submit their accepts & denies, then the phase ends early.
challenge lists

Duel List

1 Nymph (fire)
2 Blacksmith
3 Blackmailer
4 professor
5 peasant
6 Nymph (Nature)
7 court jester
8 Thief
9 Musician
10 Gardener
11 Nymp (water)

Dance List

1 Nymph (water)
2 Musician
3 thief
4 gardener
5 Professor
6 Nymp (nature)
7 court jester
8 peasant
9 Blacksmith
10 Blackmailer
11 Nymph (fire)

Action Phase

  • The Action Phase lasts 24 hours, or until all alive players vote to skip the phase.
  • The only thing that happens during this phase is role actions; if you have any, submit them in your rolecard.
  • You may also begin selecting gifts in this phase, although they do not take effect until the end of the voting phase.

Voting (& Dinner) Phase

  • The Voting Phase lasts 24 (subject to change) hours, or until all living players have voted.
  • You may not vote those who have won a challenge in the previous phase.
  • At the end of the phase, the player with the most votes is executed , and dies! Should there be a tie, it will be randomized.
  • Check roles to see which roles act during this phase.
  • If you haven’t already, select which gifts you want to recieve in this phase.
  • All players are given a plate of food. You may /switch your plate of food with another player, consuming a switch. Each player has only one switch, barring gifts and other things.
  • At the end of the phase, each player eats the food in front of them. By default, food does nothing, but it may be poisoned, have a blackmail note attached, etc.
  • Other roles may also act during this phase. Please check the cards to see who does.
  • Also the dinner phase, you may guess another player’s role. If you are correct, then that player dies. If you are not, then you die! How fun! Of course, gifts may alter this, but…
  • Speaking of which, who selected what gifts is revealed during this phase.
  • Extra Deny: You may deny an additional time for every Extra Deny.
    Everyone starts the game with one Deny
  • Extra Switch: You may swap your plate of food an additional time for every Extra Switch. Everyone starts the game with one Switch.
  • Free Guess: you may guess another player’s role without being executed if incorrect. This gift may only be redeemed once per game.
  • Guess Immunity: Any guess made against you become invalid this phase. This gift may only be redeemed once per game. If someone guess you, while you using guess immunity, they won’t die upon unsuccessful guess.
  • Premium Food: You are immune to poison this Phase. Administrated after all switches. (No free switch or thief switch can change this)
  • Poison: During next Action phase, you can choose a player to poison their food. If more than one player would die this way after guesses amd execution, no one dies to poison.


There is no currency more valuable than secrets, in this you are the richest in the land. You use them well to make others dance on your strings.

During the Action phase, you may attach a blackmail note to one player’s plate. PM the Moderator to use this power. You may use this power as many times as you wish, but you may only use it once per phase. The blackmail note may be swapped through plate switches.
Whoever ends up receiving the blackmail note must participate in a challenge during the Challenge Phase, or they will die. Only the blackmailed player will know that they are blackmailed.


The hissing of steel and the hammering of iron are the finest music to your ears. The manipulation of metal is your expertise, be it used for good fortune or ill.

At the beginning of the Action Phase, you will be notified of the intended winners of the accepted duels.
During the Action Phase, you may change the winner of one duel. You may use this ability only once on a duel you are involved in.


You carefully give out the prettiest flowers in your basket, nothing more and nothing less. But who could wish harm upon the giver of such a beautiful gift?

Every Action Phase, you may choose one target.
The players you chose will no longer be able to guess anyone as the Gardener for the rest of the game.

Court Jester

Life is nothing but the grandest game of all, and you are it’s shining star. A game’s no use without it’s protagonist, and you’ll stop at nothing to see your show go on.

When a player dies and at the start of the game your position on the duel/dance list is randomized. You will always know your relative position on each challenge list.


Born with perfect pitch and keen ears, you hear the world like no other. And like no other, you know best how to expertly guide the rise and fall of a crescendo into what could be a saving grace or fatal mistake.

At the beginning of the Action Phase, you will be notified of the intended winners of the accepted dances.
During the Action Phase, you may change the winner of a dance. PM the Moderator to use this power. You may only use this ability once on a dance you are involved in.


You are an ever-changing spirit representative of Nature itself, showcasing the serenity and grace of water to the ferocity and aggression of fire. Stagnation is a foreign word to you, as change and adaptation are woven into your being.

At the start of challenge phase (before any challenges made public) you may choose between 3 forms: The Fire form, the Nature form and the Water form
When you’re in the Water form you are moved to the top of the dance list and bottom of the duel.
When you’re in the Fire form, you are moved to the top of the duel list and bottom of the dance,
When you’re in the Nature form you take a neutral stance in the middle(Above Mystic on Dance, Below on Duel)
You start in the Nature position by default.


Kleptomania and paranoia run circles around your skull, constantly battling it out. This Russian roulette of poisoned plates is no match for your sticky fingers.

You may switch player’s plates up to 3 times each voting Phase secretly - they will be processed as if they are normal switches. The Peasant will be informed of what plates you switch. PM the Moderator to use this power.


You’ve spent your life in the shadows of your “betters”, those destined for bigger and better. Fortunately for you, a life behind the scenes has led to a finely-honed sense of knowing whether anything is awry.

You will be notified whenever the Blacksmith or the Musician interferes in a challenge.
You will be notified of any secret plate switches.


the original rolecard lost somewhere, you still can work out how your role works.

When you use the free guess gift, you may make a secondary guess on the same person, if your second guess is correct, your first guess won’t be revealed.

Important notes (changes from a classic BTM game):

-removed the cap on Blacksmith/Musician. (They can affect one challenge each action phase. They kept their restrictions on themself)
-there is a lack of instant kill abilities, instead there is a semi-killing poison gift.
-blackmails are switched with switches/ secret switches.
-there is an execution during the first cycle
-voting phase and dinner phase are combined. You will need vote and send gifts and guesses the same time.
-instead of losers, you can execute non-winners during voting phase. (This may result in a scenario, where all players are immune to execution, in that case there will be no voting required, phase will act as a dinner phase in that situation.)
-free guess and guess immunity is limited to once per game. And they are used the same phase you acquire them. You are able to guess player who chose guess immunity, but those guesses will be invalid. In exchange Death Stake Guesses on this player won’t kill the Guesser.
-there are no mask required…


  1. @Jane
  2. @Hippopablompoyeetus
  3. @ElizaThePsycho
  4. @eevee
  5. @iamagummybear
  6. @Arogame123

To join type join or any synonim. (We would prefer if you ping us as well)

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how long will this take

I don’t know.
Most likely 2-3 weeks. Probably less.


i have a trip from may 30th - june 9th so

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Yay! Our first player that didn’t pre-in! ^_^

Do we pick masks again or are we not doing that this time?


Hmmm, I didn’t ask Marluna but it is called Behind the Mask, so please pick masks.

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Skill issue

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Masks are optional.


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Masks are optimal


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  1. @Jane
  2. @Hippopablompoyeetus
  3. @ElizaThePsycho
  4. @eevee
  5. @iamagummybear
  6. @Arogame123

And @Leafia

Any thoughts about randomizing three roles less and start that way? (Players won’t know which roles weren’t rolled.)


Sounds good to me.

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