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Welcome to God Slayers! Hosted by @Amelia


  • “God Slayers” is a survival board game where three factions, “God”, “Slayers” and
    “Wanderers” struggle against each other to survive.
    • The “Gods” are the immortals of various cultures and religions with limitless power. The base win condition for Gods is “All Slayers are slain.”
      • There is also “Anti-Gods” who are still Gods, but must slay all other gods.
    • The “Slayers” are the heroes of historical and fictitious legends that wields the power to slay an immortal god. The base win condition for Slayers is “All Gods are slain.” This includes Anti-Gods.
    • The “Wanderers” are group of villains and bystanders in myths and legends who fight for themselves.
      • Wanderers are divied into two categories: Villains and Bystanders. Villains have a base win condition of killing all other Wanderers. Bystanders have no base win condition, and must do whatever their card says to win.
  • In the game, all players will not know each other’s identity. You must determine who is your ally and defeat your enemies!

On Your Turn

  • The turn order is set & determined randomly.
  • Your turn is divided into three phases:
    • Movement phase (which is mandatory)
    • Gate phase (which is also mandatory)
    • Attack phase (which is optional)
  • In the Movement phase, you publicly roll both a 1d4 and a 1d6. You move to the gate marked with the sum of the two numbers. You do not have to do this if you have a card that allows you to move directly to a gate.
    • If you roll the gate you are on, you may roll again, but do not have to.
    • If you roll a 7, you can move to any gate.
  • In the Gate phase, the effect of the gate that you are on activates & takes effect. The gates are as follows:
    • Earth Gate (2/3): Draw a Wanderer card.
    • Chaos gate (4/5): Draw a card from one of the God, Slayer, or Wanderer decks.
    • Sea Gate (6): Draw a Slayer card.
    • Heaven Gate (8): Draw a God card.
    • War Gate (9): Either deal 2 damage to any player, or heal 2 health to any player.
    • Underworld Gate (10): You may either steal any equpment from another player, or discard 2 of your equipment to take 1 equipment from the discard pile.
  • In the Attack phase (which does not occur on the first round), you may attack other players, or use valid equipment.
    • You may only attack players in the same gate pairing as you; the six gates will be randomly seperated into 3 pairs at the start of the game. Gate pairings do nothing other than this, unless a card says so.

Attacking & Damage

  • You may attack other players in the attack phase. If you choose to do so, roll both a 1d6 and a 1d4. Subtract the smallest number from the bigger number; you do that much damage to your target player.
    • If both dice are the same, then you miss & deal no damage, even if equipped equipment would add more damage.
    • Example: You roll a 2 on the 1d6 and a 4 on the 1d4. Since 2-4 is 2, you deal 2 damage.
    • Example: You roll a 6 on the 1d6 and a 3 on the 1d4. Since 6-3 is 3, you deal 3 damage.
  • Not every player has the same max health. Due to this, damage taken is measured in health damage. Health damage is public, but max health is not (unless you are revealed).
  • Your character is slain when you have more health damage (or the same amount) than max health. If you are slain, your identity will be revealed & you are out of the game (barring certain effects).
  • If you slay another player, you may steal 1 of their equipment. All other equipments are discarded.


  • There are three decks you draw from during the game, outside of character decks. These are the God, Slayer, and Wanderer decks.
  • The God deck contains equipments and God Beasts, which must be played as soon as they are drawn (or discarded).
  • The Slayer deck contains equipments and Arcanas, which must be played as soon as they are drawn (or discarded), and are much more swingy than God Beasts.\
  • The Wanderer deck contains much less cards, and cards drawn from this deck are NOT public. This deck only contains Wanderer cards. After you draw a Wanderer card, you pass it on to somebody else, and they must do as it says on the bottom of the card, if they meet the condition. These cards are used to gather information.
    • Example: Abby passes a Wanderer card to Steve, who is a God. On the bottom of the Wanderer card, it says “Lose a health or discard an equipment if you are a God.” Steve must now choose to discard an equipment or lose a health.


  • There are two types of equipments, Weapons and Artifacts. They can both be found in both the God and Slayer deck. You may only have up to 5 equipments; if you go above this, discard down to 5.
  • All cards, except sometimes character cards & non-wanderer cards, are public.
  • Weapons may only be used during your attack phase, and usually add a certain bonus to your attack.
  • Artifacts may be used at any time during your turn, unless stated otherwise. Artifact abilities are much more varied.
  • You can only use 1 weapon and 1 artifact per turn unless stated otherwise.
  • Equipments that force you to discard an equipment can discard themselves.
  • Equipment LIMIT and Equipment USAGE are not the same.

Character Cards, Special Abilities & Winning

  • Character cards are who you are in this world. They contain your maximum HP, your faction, your base win condition and an alternative win condition, and a special ability.
  • You may reveal your character at any time, even during another player’s turn, unless a card makes it otherwise. (Reveals are processed immediatley.) Once you do, you gain access to a Special Ability. There is a few types of special abilities:
    • Single use abilities are once per game.
    • Force use abilities are immediately used upon reveal.
    • Counter abilities may be used immediately after an action that fulfills it is taken. These get priority over everything else.
    • Passive abilities are always active after revealing, although you may choose to not have them activate during your own turn.
    • Force passives are always activate after using, and must be used upon revealing.
    • Single Passives are a one time ability that is always active after it is used.
    • Hidden passives may be used while unrevealed.
  • Each specific special ability is specific to your character.
  • Each faction has a base win condition, as stated above. Your faction is not 100% tied to your base win condition, as Anti-Gods and Bystanders still exist. In addition, each character has an alternate win condition that may be fufilled to win.
  • By default, you cannot win while dead. The only exception is if you have a win condition that specifically requires you to be slain.
  • AS SOON AS A PLAYER WINS, THE GAME IS OVER. Other players may still win if their win conditions are fufilled simultaneously.
Faction Composition

The Composition will vary depending on player count.

  • 8 - 3 Gods, 3 Slayers, 1 Bystander, 1 Villain Wanderer
  • 9 - 3 Gods, 3 Slayers, 2 Bystanders, 1 Villain Wanderer,
  • 10 - 3 Gods, 3 Slayers, 2 Bystanders, 1 Villain Wanderer, 1 Anti-God
  • 11 - 3 Gods, 3 Slayers, 3 Bystanders, 1 Villain Wanderer, 1 Anti-God
  • 12 - 3 Gods, 3 Slayers, 3 Bystanders, 2 Villain Wanderers, 1 Anti-God
Card List links (warning: there is over 300 cards. You will not be able to prepare for all of them.)

God and Slayer Deck

God Slayers Decks Public - Google Sheets

Wanderer Deck


Slayer Character Cards


God Character Cards


Wanderer Character Cards


A few cards are not say they are listed here; the updated versions are the following:


Disclaimer: This game is chaotic and is based around “and if everyone is overpowered, no one will be”. Expect wild things to happen. This game has also been known to take 5 minutes to 3 hours IRL, so be prepared.


  1. Marshal
  2. Kanave
  3. Marluna
  4. ElizaThePsycho
  5. IcetFeelsPain
  6. Leafia
  7. Bionic
  8. Italy
  9. Jane
  10. Whysper



If possible, when signing up, it would be helpful if you could provide a time when you will ~generally get on and be available to the hosts. Turns are generally very short, so do not worry about how long you will be on. These help us organize turn order based on time zones.

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WE’RE /IN !!

Pacific Timezone !! West coast best coast !! 9ampst - midnight pst generally when i’m avaliable !!



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Pst, generally around from 12pm-2am

i remember last time i got shears of fate and we got wheel of fortune’d
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flawless game



Weekdays 6:00-8:00 and 16:30-20:00 (6-8 AM and 4:30-8 PM
Weekends 9:00-21:00 (9 AM - 9 PM)

/in EST around 8 am - 10 pm

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Actually @ElizaThePsycho if i played could you send me a site dm whenever it’s my turn? it sends me an email i can see without opening chrome

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@Amelia if i played could you send me a site dm whenever it’s my turn?

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My pet is joining, so count me in too. Eastern time zone. Let’s say 4 P.M.



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