I’m done with all this bullshit tbh.

All I wanted was to try to improve and get better.
All I wanted was to be able to play a whole lot and have that award worthy nomination that I can finally have.

I enjoy FM I really do but no matter where I go It’s all the same and I’ve had enough of it tbh.

Every. Single. Place. I. Go.


So here’s the deal, I’m removing this site from my tabs, I left the discord server.
If anyone ever wants me to play again, contact me on discord and I’ll play.
But no assurance I still got it anymore at that point, heck there might be a new player like Arctic that everyone follows, heck maybe even some new moderators.
Don’t have to nominate me, don’t have to want me and my slot in the game because you think I’m “bad”

I am a smart person, I know I am.
My issue is my communication and my tunnel vision and I was trying to work on that.
But I guess me complaining is an issue too, so if you don’t wanna have me around you got your wish.

Bye for now.

I won’t respond, I’m removing this from tabs.

Have a good day.

Cya Zorvo


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Give some time

Ran off after inviting me here?

Take care, hope to see you back at some point.


Whoops you got bamboozled, he left you stranded here. :scream:


Left me for dead honestly :joy:

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Zorvo off to touch grass:


@Zorvo Please don’t go! We all love playing in games with you!


He needs some time to reflect and clear his head for a while. I suggest letting this age as from how I see from the OP, he is feeling alots of emotions that aren’t quite organized right now.

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i’ll see you whenever i do again, whether it be in three months or a different community
it was nice talking to you for the time you were here, zorvo


Hopefully it’s just that.

o tawa pona

Ok you garfield lookin dog!

I feel offended

Garfield is my brand

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bye Seth