Happy Tree Friends FM - Game Thread 2 - Town emerged victorious!

Eliza was hammered. Good night. :sleepingleafeon:

Reminder to all players that intentional twilight posting (posting after hammer is reached) is against our rules.

Please do not do it again, and do not discuss or interact with this warning.

ElizaThePsycho (6): beancat, Kiiruma, Gorta, Hippopablompoyeetus, Leafia, Zone_Q11
Leafia (2): ElizaThePsycho, WindwardAway
Gorta (1): Illwei

Not Voting (2): Trochilidae, Amelia

Majority of 6 votes have reached

ElizaThePsycho has been executed, she is…


Marmot is thawed out (Day 4)

In a very hot day, the mayor have been increasingly worried that more animals are dying under his supervision, however he would not expect the next death but for the good reasons instead

"“We found Cro-Marmot dead outside of her home…you won’t believe this but we saw her body is out of the ice cube, she’s thawed out!” Said one of animals that discovered the body

“Wait…but what killed Cro-Marmot again?” said the mayor. “The weather got her, sir. Apparently she is either not good with hot summers or she’s dead a long time ago…tens of thousands years in fact.”

“Anything else you have to report?” Said the mayor. “Yes we did in fact find the red rose just like with Lumpy The Moose, we’re not sure how it’s connected between these two, but I have feeling they are the ones responsible of the murders happening in Happy Tree Community!” Said the animal that reporter Marmot’s death. “I see…thank you for this, I get the feeling we’re getting to the bottom of this…they cannot allowed to terrorize our lives no longer.”

Night 4 has started and lasts for 24 hours and half hour


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The disappearance of Disco Bear (Day 5)

Disco Bear have free spirit in the community, he loves to dance and hit the ladies with flirting, even though none of the female animals actually liked Disco Bear not because he has flashy moves, but he can be quite inappropriate by not able to read social awareness when he hits a lady and said lady is refusing this, he doesnt know when to stop unless he gets hurt.

The Mayor have issued an mandatory martial law to remain home when it’s evening by dinner time. However looks like both whoever is plotting murders around town and this particular creep decides to ignore the Mayor’s warning and this may be the most fatal mistake he make, on his way to supermarket he’s planning to bring some late night snacks, the cashier is there as well but Disco Bear would not be expecting that this animal is actually here to kill him, after recipe is given disco bear walks to the exit and at this moment, the red rose mafia have a soft drink can prepared and tos it towards the exit.

The soft drink can rolled towards the feet of Disco Bear which he noticed and pick it up, but then the can is shaking violently in his hand and before Disco Bear could react, this can exploded with lot of gunpowder inside and shredded everything on Disco Bear in tiny bits and lots of bloody gore in the wall. It wasn’t until next morning that when everyone is out of the homes they found the body discovered of Disco Bear.

Death animation

Day 5

Kiiruma have been killed! They are

There is no role reveal or logs found on this player

Day 5 has started and lasts for 48 hours



What the fuck

Oh fuck, that’s not what I expected to see

Hey Hippo who did you shoot

I hardclaim shooting leafia never rescinding

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Clearly I was wrong about janitor

Ok gonna check something
I’m on my way home, sorry if I’m a little slow

So mafia roles arent unique

Welp, no wolf healing role
So either Leafia is 3p or Hippo is wolf


Because the only blocker in playlist for scum is consort

Oh what

Well otherwise my shot would have worked

Fuck, didn’t think of that

But if there are two consorts then there shouldve been more claimed blocks