Happy Tree Friends FM - Game Thread 2 - Town emerged victorious!

(WARNING - Viewer discretion is advised about graphic sensitive GIFS for childhood trauma and showing final destination-style deaths of your beloved characters)

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Global Rules - Announcements - Fortress of Lies


Day Hours will be 48 hours long
Night Hours will be 24 hours long
Actions will be done by messaging me
When you receive a card you will have 24 hours to reply, confirming you have received it.
You can leave your journal logs on your class PM, when you die this will be shown alongside with your reveal
Mafia members will talk through a Forum PM and can perform faction kills
Mafia can request discord group chat with the hosts
All dead players will talk through a Forum PM
claimkill and anti-claim mechanics are present on this game
It is not mandatory to do night kills or other actions.


You have been revealed to be Insane, you get Insane Rolecard
You killed a townie, you have died!
You saw Target Z is visited by Target X and Target Y
You saw Target Z is visiting Target X
You have been roleblocked
Your target is [Role]/[Role]/[Role]
Your target alignment is [Town], [Mafia]. [Neutral]
Your target has been resurrected from the graveyard
You have died alongside with your resurrected target
Your target is [Role]
You have become like your target, you received their rolecard
Your target have been cleaned out from reveals
Your claimkill has succeed! Your attack become unstoppable and unhealed tonight
Your claimkill has failed, you cannot use this for rest of the game
You have been redirected and controlled your action
You have died

Execution Eliminations

Follow this guide for voting.

The execution with the majority or plurality votes will end the day immediately and moves on to Night phrase

Once the player has been killed on day and night phrase, all cards related to the player of their flavor character, role and faction will be revealed as well the latest updated logs unless that is altered in some way

It is allowed to end the day phrase without eliminating anyone

Game rule mechanics

  1. Night results are semi-open on feedback
  2. Among town there is role called Insane that are different type of Citizen they believe they are different role that can do action, but does stay at home
  3. Mafia, Neutral Killer and other neutral roles have access to fakeclaims of town roles (all of them)
  4. Flavor characters are not alignment-indicative and role-indicative, it’s all randomized
  5. Some roles shown on rolelist have slightly modified actions


14 Town

Indecisive Doctor
Town Universal backup

4-6 Mafia


0-2 neutrals
Serial Killer

Town roles can be stacked with multiple slots of same role

Character Card, Role Card and Death GIF example

This is example of character card and role card

Do keep in mind that character is not role indicative and alignment indicative


This is example of character dies on start or end of day


It’s also spoiler free since it’s not shown who attacked the monkey therefore solving through meta is not encouraged

To Join

To join, simply express in joining by saying something like /I want to join or /join or /in or /sign me up, coach. You must type it in bold, additionally you also must take a slot of your choice from ‘Flavor Character List’

Player List

  1. Hippopablompoyeetus - Handy The Builder Beaver - Universal Backup -----> Vigilante
  2. Gorta - Petunia The Skunk - Executioneer - Left at endgame
  3. Eevee - The Mole[/s] - Arsonist - Night 1 victim
  4. WindwardAway - Russell The Otter - Mayor - Died at endgame
  5. Leafia - Giggles The Chipmunk - Mafia Godfather - Day 5 lynch
  6. Trochilidae - Shifty The Raccoon - Citizen
  7. ElizaThePyscho - Cro-Marmot - Mafia Consort - Day 4 lynch
  8. Zorvo - Pops The Papa Bear - Town Vigilante - Night 1 died by guilt
  9. Kiiruma - Disco Bear - Town Insane - Night 4 victim
  10. Vulgard - Sniffles The Anteater - Town Insane - Night 2 victim
  11. Min - Flaky The Porcupine - Town Citizen - Night 1 victim
  12. Thepigeonnyc - Splendid The Flying Squirrel - Universal Backup ---->Town Vigilante - Day 3 Lynch
  13. Amelia - Cub The Baby Bear - Citizen
  14. Beancat - Lifty The Raccoon - Citizen
  15. Zone_Q11 - Nutty The Squirrel - Janitor - Died at endgame
  16. Atlas - Flippy The Soldier Bear - Town Sheriff - Night 3 victim
  17. Bradland - Mime The Deer - Town Indecisive Doctor - Day 2 lynch
  18. Achromatic - Cuddles The Bunny - Town Witch - Night 3 victim
  19. Marluxion - Lumpy The Moose - Mafia Consigliere - Day 1 lynch
  20. Illwei - Toothy The Beaver - Seer


Day 1 execution - Marluxion
Day 2 Starts! Min, Zorvo, and Eevee have died!
thepigeonnyc has replaced in for Alice
Day 2 Ends! Bradland executed!
Day 3 has started, Vulgard have died!
Amelia replaces PlagueSimp
Day 3 ends: Thepigeonnyc is executed
Trochilidae replaces in for Wazza
Day 4 started Archomatic and Atlas have died!
Day 4 ends: ElizaThePsycho is executed
Day 5 starts: Kiiruma have died!
Day 5 ends: Leafia is executed




  1. Arctic


  1. Marluxion (Lumpy The Moose) - Mafia Consigliere
  2. Zorvo - Pops The Papa Bear - Town Vigilante
  3. Min - Flaky The Porcupine - Town Citizen
  4. Eevee - The Mole - Arsonist
  5. Bradland - Mime The Deer - Town Indecisive Doctor
  6. Vulgard - Sniffles The Anteater - Town Insane
  7. Pigeon - Splendid The Flying Squirrel - Town Vigilante
  8. Atlas - Flippy The Soldier Bear - Town Sheriff
  9. Achromatic - Cuddles The Bunny - Town Witch
  10. ElizaThePyscho - Cro-Marmot - Mafia Consort
  11. Kiiruma - Disco Bear - Town Insane
  12. Leafia - Giggles The Chipmunk Day - Mafia Godfather
  13. Windy - Russell The Otter - Mayor
  14. Zone - Nutty The Squrrel - Janitor

Party Crasher (Day 4)

The aftermath of Marshal and Litten’s escape put the animals in mental breakdown and in disbelief that the sheep and cat are responsible of the murders? Besides Red Rose Mafia who have sworn to kill Marshal with their own hands but they have to play along like the rest of animals in the conference room, finally Mayor breaks in the mood

“Listen everyone, we need to unwind to relieve from stress this has causing us, but remember that Cuddles (Achromatic) is holding a birthday party this evening for us? We should come together and accept his invitation, right Cuddles?” Said the Mayor doing his best to keep smiling if done weak, even the mayor is getting strained.

“Y-yes that’s right! I will do my best to keep you entertained and put this behind.” Said Cuddles in weak laughing, fortunately the mood is getting better for everyone involved, even the mafia. Although they have plans to make in the afternoon after the meeting as adjourned in their secret hideout. “I have heard rumors that Splendid have died in the car chase to Marshal and Litten, they got away.” Said one of the animals plotting the demise of Marshal and the other villagers. “Well…what shall we do next?” The living members are pondering for a moment until the leader come up with idea that never occurred that evening but they are happy with the result in the end so they get the credit for killing the witch of this town that brew potions to save lives or take away said lives.

Flippy The Bear is a war veteran from a war fought in far away land and suffered post-trauma stress disorder from all the fighting, however that same PTSD have kept him alive to turn into bloodthirsty soldier with creative killing methods what he can’t do with guns and other explosives, he uses improvised weapons and traps. Fortunately in this timeline, he is able to recover from that disorder and makes valuable member of the community with his life skills and experience he can provide, most importantly he also have full-time job as police sheriff that only he can do with much aptitude and self-restraint that not even what reminding him of the war can trigger his PTSD up to the point to become his alter ego, Fliqpy. The Mayor have full trust in Flippy’s recovery

Although for what ever reason, Flippy is flying on his helicopter on his way to Cuddle’s event location and he is getting late already, Cuddles just happens to stand outside the tree house and start to panic as the helicopter approaches hard that he is the one getting killed just after having a birthday! A loud bam can be heard and felt in tremble that hit the tree, although Cuddles opens his eyes slowly that he’s not in heaven right now, he’s still alive and not hurt. Flippy is sweating bullets and he’s glad to avert the disaster of accident, he got out of the cockpit to apologize to Cuddles for crushing his party “Hah…haha…hah don’t worry about it, Flippy. You made me skip a heart beat there but you made it…” Said Cuddles looking at the helicopter that got stuck on the tree house by the top rotors that is holding the chassis of the helicopter upwards. “I am very sorry Cuddles, you see…I actually want to tell you abo–” Flippy got interrupted when he heard metal screeches and the helicopter weigh is allowing the chassis to twist around downwards and the tail rotor is coming right towards Flippy The Bear (Atlas) and Cuddles The Bunny (Achromatic) they have barely time to run inside however it is Cuddles that blocked the entrance so Flippy can’t get inside and let him the only to die but it was too late, the tail rotors have dismembered the both bodies of Flippy and Cuddles in pieces and decapitated in one swoop, the helicopter chassis is removed itself from the top rotors and crashed on the ground, the party goers insides have witnessed a terrible freak accident that killed the party for the night and it wasn’t until dawn that the witnesses are released from questioning at the crime scene and are called in the conference room

Death Animation Part 1

Day 4 Part 1

Achromatic and Atlas are killed at night!

Achromatic is…

Atlas is…

Atlas’ Journal

N1. Check Achro - Town
I checked him purely from him saying that his site couldnt read him for over 15 years, which is… a while. Didnt want to risk powerwolfing. Could be godfather, but don’t even bother. He’s our only chance at winning

N2. Check Kiiruma - Town
Kiiruma has felt like a limp pool noodle all game, barely caring about mech, reads, or anything for that matter. I wanted to check pigeon because of the slot beforehand, but either of the two situations below will happen

1. he’s gonna die even if i say hes v because godfather
2. he’s not gonna die because he’s self resolving so it doesnt matter, and it’ll get me killed
N3. Check Zone -
I figured Leafia was going for trochi since achro put a lot of pressure on the spot, and achro said several times he might kill eliza, which
well, i hope he sticks to his word
can’t be right about everything and i do believe i have better checks, and i agree with gorta to an extent he could be godfather, however this seems to be the most suspicious person who isnt being effected by any of our abilities

Achromatic’s Journal (wall post warning)

Updated Journal:

"I used a my “shot” last night on Atlas, boy will egg be on my face if he flips town. (Doing this top line in case anyone doesn’t wish to read things) This entire thing is assuming I am dead and Atlas is either flipped wolf or is wolf, just for ease of perspective. I could waffle all night if I really wanted to. If I am killed and roleblocked and janitored I am going to just be sad forever.

Okay, so first off I hope this isn’t deleted by a Janitor otherwise I am going to be sad, because as I have stated a lot I do a lot of re-evaluation after the day.

I was prepared to shoot Wazza if Pigeon flipped wolf to help with the PoE as stated. I did not trust Wazza to work together with town and I do not like having people who rely so heavily on AtE late into games because it muddies what should be a logical, thoughtful process. However I could not, in good faith, ever shoot a person I think may be spewed town.

You might be confused by this. If I am dead and Atlas is not, then I was roleblocked and prevented from shooting Atlas. So one of the main reasons I wanted Pigeon flipped, and I kept this close to my chest to avoid suspicion, was to see if Atlas was clear or not.

So let me talk about Atlas for a moment and my progression on him just in case he is not dead and this is required to convince people. Day one they said they were not a fan of Day 1 so I decided to have him sheep me if he wanted. He agreed, and I found a wolf which Atlas offered up no complaints about. A good look for Atlas, nothing to be bothered about. Although, Atlas did kind of say outright that lynching a wolf day one is a curse on this site so maybe the prophecy will be fulfilled.

Let me look at some key posts from Atlas

So this one is interesting because there easily exists a scenario where town is down to MYLO after tonight. If Hippo shoots and is wrong and wolves kill anyone (… they have a strongman) then it is at 10 with likely 4 anti town, probably 4 wolves, left. So down the line may never come if the play is to do things tonight and block me in order to kill Wazza tomorrow.

One of the worst things in the world I hate is when people tell me they trust me and I am wrong. It abdicates their own responsibility and is never the right way. I also never asked to be ‘trusted’ this game, as I have made clear over three days. I like there to be discussion and back and forth. Feels like just an excuse to make the wrong play and have an easy out tomorrow.

This one especially by the way. I asked Atlas directly to make their own judgment on this issue because I was tired. What does Atlas do? He ‘trusts’ me and votes out Pigeon. It just doesn’t feel good at all reading back.

Regardless of alignment, Atlas is not wrong here. I feel as if I have had a ton heaped on me this game unfairly. I have really been honest with everyone when I said I don’t feel comfortable reading a lot of you and I ask for a lot of feedback and I barely get any at points. It’s really disheartening along with the toxicity. But, we push on.

I think this also spews Eliza wolf.

I went back and read Silent Hill and I don’t think a reading of that and this game are similar enough to think they are super similar and given everything else that has happened I think this is just basic distancing. Because without any information Eliza looks different here. Which doesn’t make her town, but comparing the two games on day 3 and thinking they look similar just feels like such TMI to me.

Additionally, I think if Atlas is wolf and is presented with two choices between Pigeon barely reading the game and town Roleblocker who is flakey you vote for the town roleblocker. Pigeon had a really high chance of killing himself and another member of town N3 based on the fact that he wasn’t reading the game. Also a Wolf Atlas would be perfectly justified to cite their ever-present wolf read of Eliza to vote there over Pigeon. But finally, after two plus days, I finally made someone make a meaningful voting choice in this game and I think it was useful to the town. Or I am an idiot. But hey wouldn’t be the first time!

Amelia Godfather stocks on the rise as I cannot remember a single damn thing they posted today.

I feel like I want to say this spews Zone town. I think Atlas at this stage of the game is comfortable deep wolfing. No one has expressed serious doubts about him, we are approaching MYLO, and we have a lot of town people acting out. I think a deep wolf atlas is more than comfortable sacrificing Eliza at this juncture in order to achieve a win. So by saying this it creates scenarios where Atlas can use their ‘good read’ of Eliza all game as a cudgel to smash town Zone.

Plus I think town is just doing something to the water this game and I don’t see any reason for a wolf day 3 with a mislynch on the table in pigeon just decides to be like “I know, I am going to vote Achromatic.” We’ve seen thus far that town is far more likely to suspect me (Pigeon slot and Brad) than wolves are, so I mean let’s go pattern recognition. But also I am sadly thinking that Hippo will shoot Zone which, with Pigeon flipping town, would be a really bad shot. I hope instead he goes for someone who wasn’t so antagonistic. But I guess we will see. It would be kind of horrifying if town lost almost a third of its entire population due to two bad vig shots when I ended up town reading all four of them.

Sidebar: Guilt vig is a really bad role. Like, really bad. It’s bad enough when vig shoots a town at night, but to have them also suicide after is a terrible role. I have hosted for a decade and would never consider using this role. Holy shit we have only mislynched twice and we might be at MYLO tomorrow in a game of 20 where mafia faction killed a NK. This fucking blows.


Atlas says they have not been wrong this game. Let’s just keep that bookmarked.

Note: I think mass claim day 3 really helped me parse thoughts on everyone, but if the wolves play it just right tonight and use everything on me it will turn into a mistake. It’s one of those things that I think critique is valid for post game, but also it was me trying to figure out a way to avoid executing pigeon if possible and given the flip I think my heart was in the right place at feeling uncomfortable with the day.

“!” went above my head when Atlas said that.

Uh huh

Uh huh

Uh huh

For the record as I said this I noted it down. I hope I smoothed this over enough for them not to nuke me tonight. I really, really hope I did a good job covering my suspicion here.

Tbh I do take all kill requests. But yeah that’s enough for now, if I am alive tomorrow I can do more but I am going to rest there.

To Wazza (if you are town), I wish you could have taken a breath and realized that yes, I did have a plan.

If I am right about Atlas, which isn’t certain as I am probably not doing my best work overall but simply trying to do my best, then Wazza should as I said be spewed town. Also in conjunction with this Kiiruma coming in to defend Wazza from a possible witch shot late into the day and little else is a good look if you adopt this world view. Also, I feel like every person who has been just tripping might just be town. Like Kiiruma comes in and is like “I still scum read Leafia after the Sheriff claim” which is pretty wild to me. Like in that world maybe the wolf team is just the all “Has been nice to Achromatic” team of Atlas/Eliza/Leafia/Hippo. That would be pretty great. Luckily I think that exact teams let’s me fire a shot tonight and strongman me and will claim Leafia got roleblocked last night to avoid suspicion so at least that energy is out there. But also I don’t think Hippo is in any way a wolf but man can you imagine? Can you imagine if the wolf team just decided to be pleasant to win? Wouldn’t that be an awful repudiation of town’s actions this game.

I think I still like Gorta in this world. This may be biased though because I just think the people suspecting him have been wrong in what he is saying. People keep accusing him of not doing much day three and that isn’t true. If you want to build a proper wolf case on Gorta, please actually evaluate the ISO properly and don’t just say he didn’t do anything because Gorta has done more than at least five people this game. We only have four anti-town roles, so the Gorta case based on effort doesn’t make sense. It can make sense for other reasons, but not for that one and cases that don’t make sense make me itch. That being said their last minute defense of Eliza is for sure ‘uh oh’ status so maybe I simply have been too bothered by the points on Gorta and missing that the sentiment might be correct.

Bean Bean Bean. What am I to do with you? We finally had an EoD for once and you stood me up. Well, maybe I’ll sort you if I look again but for now you can stay unsorted.

Pigeon, if you read this, about your journal - I 60% blame you. If I had any faith that you had read through the game and had a single clue what was going on about the game state I might have let you proved yourself. You consistently came in, were clueless, and made a complete fool of yourself in terms of respecting your fellow players’ time. I get replacing in is hard, I do in fact get that, but please. If you want to live as a guilt vig give me any hope you aren’t going to suicide. I couldn’t even be confident you would follow instructions with how erratic your reads were. I hope you understand more with this explanation, sorry you got executed. Also, in some sick way, if we mislynched today and let you live town may have had a chance to just lose tonight if things went wrong and I couldn’t risk that.

If Leafia is wolf then everyone has lied to me and she is amazing, and then that will be okay. No tinfoil here thank you very much.

Windy I am going to say is not wolf double voter, call it a hunch.

Illwei could, in theory, I guess, be a wolf. It is not an impossible task to guess I am a Witch based on some things I have said this game if you are really going for it. What helps relieve the paranoia about this is that every dead town and every lock town says she is firmly in her town Meta. So if she fooled everyone who knows her, I guess it is what it is. Except Wazza I guess, who said I should shoot her. But that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Night 3 Evaluation:

Wolves: Atlas, Eliza, Amelia
Town: Achromatic, Leafia, Windy, Hippo, Wazza, Zone, Kiiruma, Illwei,

Left to sort: Gorta, Bean (but leaning more towards Gorta)

I am praying they kill someone else and think I am just going straight for Wazza tomorrow or if they kill me they didn’t roleblock me or if they do both please no janitor. I need a praying emoji up in here. Before I finalized my shot I went back and checked Marl’s comments to Atlas and tbh that could easily just be theater early, nothing really overly harsh was said so it does not stay my hand.

Also, I can almost feel the good ole ‘I am the invest that watched this person who was way more suspected than I am do this at mylo, vote them please’ trick coming. If I am wrong you guys may be at lylo, so good luck lol



Day 4 has started and lasts for 48 hours



wow that’s a long journal

somehow i managed to completely forget i did this in like 12 hours

So uh

/vote Alice @Cattail_Mk.III

I’m not here for the second half of the day so I should probably actually try in the first half

i’m not even gonna ask what my slot did
i can probably figure it out

What is your slot again


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so what i’m getting with this is
we’re fucked
wazza left me exactly jack shit
but never fear trochi is here to save the day
idk i’m hoping fresh eyes can be of service since clearly y’all need it

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We will still make normal VCs but new system goat

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Oh yea

VOTE: Alice

give me a tldr on that

My two top town are dead and unsurprisingly flipped town

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Um what

@beancat why Alice