Hazbin Hotel Purgatory - Sinners Can Be Redeemed!

Welcome to the Hazbin Hotel Purgatory Show

"Breaking news! Due to a dispute by the high seraph herself and daughter of our demonic head honcho Charlie Morningstar we have to do this useless fucking game! Isn’t that right, Tom?
No one cares.

Hosted by @Wazza
Co-hosted by @Magnus
Reviewed by @Geyde

Purgatory is an open setup designed by Elscouta and Bicephalous Bob
Setup found here


  • Follow the Forum Game Rules.
  • Must meet the minimum of 10 posts every 24 hours or you will be replaced.
    General Mechanics:

General Mechanics:

  • Instead of day and night, phases alternate between Heaven and Hell. The game starts with a Hell phase. All phases have 24-hour deadlines.
  • During the Heaven phase, the town votes to send one player to send to Heaven. During the Hell phase, the town votes to send one player to Hell.
  • The Sinners win if the majority of the angels are sent to Hell, the Angels win if the majority of the Angels are sent to Heaven.
  • Alignment is revealed upon being sent to Heaven or Hell.
  • All Angel member, whether alive or sent away, can talk to each other at all times in the mafia discord server.
  • Only sinners who are sent to Hell are sent to the spectator/dead discord server. Sinners who are sent to Heaven have a separate martyr discord server.
  • When 50% of the living players are angels, a Judgment Day occurs. All living players lose the ability to vote. The martyrs privately vote in the martyr channel to send a living player to Hell. If the player is a sinner, the angels win. If not, the game moves on to a Hell phase.
  • Eliminations are determined by majority vote. Ties are randomized.
  • Flavour is alignment indicative, however, all Angels will receive fakeclaims.



The Rolecards

You are:

You are:

Alive Players:

  1. @bystander
  2. @Garfooled
  3. @eaves
  4. @whatdafucc
  5. @catbae
  6. @Djinra
  7. @ElizaThePsycho

Completed Players:

Hippopablompoyeetus - Sent to Hell Phase 1
Leafia - Sent to Heaven Phase 1
Tutuu - Sent to Hell Phase 2
Bionic - Sent to Heaven Phase 2
Someone - Sent to Hell Phase 3



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Game will begin 2024-04-25T20:00:00Z.


Now, as the councils take their seats, anonymity is the key. Who will come out on top in this battle for the fate of purgatory.

Hell Phase 1 Begins and will end in 24 hours at 2024-04-26T20:00:00Z

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d1 disguiser claim

I actually don’t know how to set this up

yes eliza?

There’s a guide somewhere

Check the announcements category

i think 666News is an angel how do we vote them


You can also use the hammer button in the chatbox

to paste the thing written here

ok uhh

since no one’s talking I’ll be the leader!

VOTE: Djinra

@Someone @bystander @eaves you all are cool! let’s vote the alt


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