I can't see the gear button in the editor!

Do you have your Screen Zoom phone setting set to something higher than the default? I can get this to happen if I adjust my zoom higher.


did i just get 1984’ed


Ditto! Yeah it was higher than the default. The button shows now with default zoom screen. Thank you!


…yeah this is where not having an android hurts me because all of the testing on a fake version in the world isn’t gonna give me that


fun fact
My forum somehow got 85% zoom once, but I didn’t notice it for a long time and now it feels unnatural to not have that zoom
so It’s there forever now

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Yeah, I’m finding it a hard time to use my other apps with default zooming…lol

You could try installing the Discourse app and seeing if that plays nicer with the zoom level?

Is there anyway discourse doesn’t open the browser to load FoL? Cuz I’m really not comfortable using it on browser. I can adjust with the FoL app tho.

Oh, if you’ve been using the app all along then my suggestion to try the app doesn’t do anything for you lol