I can't see the gear button in the editor!

Hey, I’m WizKvothe and I recently joined the site and have now been promoted to “member” and I explored the advanced tutorial where I found I can create spoilers with a gear button in the editor however I’m unable to find that button in my editor. Is it a bug or how do I access it? I’m on mobile btw. Any help will be appreciated.

P.S: I was not sure where to ask this so I thought to create a topic in this category. Delete if needed but do DM me if you have the answer. Thanks!

Editor? I dunno what that is, but do you see the tool bar? The bar with the bold, italic, and underline buttons? If not, then try clicking the button with 3 lines at the top-right section of the… oh, I think that’s what you refer as the editor.


I swear earlier it was not in the toolbar(or editor as the bot told me…lol) but now I kinda see it on the very last of the row. So, thank you!

Alright, so I can see the gear at the very last on this post however I’m unable to scroll to the end of the row and find the gear button for other posts.

Are they not allowed on every topic or am I missing something?

It’s because you’re on a phone, I think.

Yeah, that’s possible however I can see the button for this topic and the screen kind of shifts to the right side to show me the button at the end of the row. Like this.

What happens if you tilt your phone to the side?

Tilting doesn’t do anything however when I auto rotate the phone in landscape mode, then I’m able to see the gear button.

@WizKvothe it looks like your device is trying to load the desktop version, I think

Try hitting “Mobile View” in the hamburger menu, if it exists it’ll prolly fix your issue

No. It’s already in the mobile view.

Send a pic?

Gonna need your software version and phone model

Also can you send a screenshot of this page for me using the normal, non-legacy light theme?

Phone Model: SM-A037F/DS

Software Version: A037FXXS2CWA3 /

So a Galaxy A03s?

Can I get like an Android version number lol

13, I guess!

Is there a point on that like 13.X or just 13

idrk how android versions work but this seems to be something on Discourse’s end not ours I think so I wanna be sure I have that to pass it up the chain

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No, just 13