Jail - Mafia Victory


Hosted by @Zugzwang
Co-hosted by @Garfooled
Reviewed by @Geyde


  • Follow the Global Rules and the Forum Game Rules. (This includes: no excessive AtE, no personal attacks, no angle shooting and all of the other obvious stuff that can be found linked.)
  • Must meet the minimum of 15 posts every Day phase (48 hours).
  • Alts and hydras are allowed, so long as identities are disclosed to the hosts.

General Mechanics:


  • 48 hour Day / 24 hour Night
  • During Day phases, players vote publicly on someone to free from jail.
  • During Night phase, the thread is locked. If players wish, they can vote in their rolecards to skip night. If, during the previous day, a Mafia member was freed from jail, Mafia must choose one town member to kill.

Wincons, Rolelist, and Voting

  • The game has 8 Vanilla Townies, and 3 Mafia Goons.
  • No-elimination is not a valid vote.
  • Wincons are nearly the reverse of normal. Town wins when they lose majority, and Mafia wins when there is only one mafia player left.
  • Votes are by plurality and majority. If majority is reached, day will be ended early.
  • If there are 2 mafia alive, and the Mafia could majority a Mafia member (which would instantly win for Mafia), the game will be declared a Mafia Win. Votes will not be locked at any point during the game.

Mafia Factional Vote

  • Mafia have a 1-shot factional vote. This does not count towards majority, but it will count at the end of the day, and be labeled as Mafia Factional Vote.
  • It cannot be used when there is one more town than there is mafia.
  • Mafia can submit conditionals that determine whether or not to use the vote.
    • For example, mafia could submit “Use the vote on the top wolf wagon, if that would change a tie with at least one town to a wolf elimination. If there are multiple wolves tied for top wagon, use it on the wolf first in alphabetical order”.


  • In the case of a tie:
    • Night phase is entered, with no elimination yet, and lasts for 24 hours. During the night, the previous player to escape Jail (nightkilled town do not count) must decide who, out of the tied players, will be eliminated. If they do not submit a decision, or if it is the first day (so there is no previously eliminated player) Mafia decide the tie. The Mafia must submit their choice during the night, in case the previously escaped player does not.
    • After tie resolution, the next day will begin immediately.
  • If there is a mafia member (or multiple mafia members) involved in the tie, the Mafia must decide on a nightkill, which will happen if a mafia member is eliminated. If there are 2+ mafia involved in the tie, the Mafia are free to submit different kills, depending on which player is eliminated.

Leaving the Game

  • Eliminated town members will get access to spec chat only after the following elimination, so that they can resolve ties (detailed above) if needed.
  • Nightkilled town members will get access to spec chat immediately.
  • Eliminated mafia members will stay in Mafia chat, and will not have access to spec chat.


Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Mafia Goon
Mafia Goon
Mafia Goon


Vanilla Town

Abilities: You have no special abilities, only your voice and your vote.
Win condition: You win when you have parity with the Mafia.

Mafia Goon

Abilities: At all times (alive or dead), you may communicate with your teammates on Discord.
Win condition: You win when there is only one Mafia member left in jail.


  1. @Leafia
  2. Childe - Escaped Day 3 - Mafia Goon
  3. Bionic - Escaped Day 1 - Mafia Goon
  4. @IcetFeelsPain
  5. @Hippopablompoyeetus
  6. @Someone
  7. jail - Nightkilled Night 1 - Vanilla Town
  8. @beancat
  9. @pandora
  10. Kanave - Escaped Day 2 - Vanilla Town
  11. @eaves

Visitors (Spectators):

  1. @catbae
  2. @ElizaThePsycho
  3. @Atlas (informed)
  4. @May


  1. Day 1 Start
  2. Day 1 End, Bionic escapes Jail
  3. Day 2 Start, Jail is killed
  4. Day 2 End, Kanave escapes Jail
  5. Day 3 Start
  6. Day 3 End, childe escapes Jail, Wolves win


  1. Bionic: Mafia Goon
  2. jail: Vanilla Town
  3. Kanave: Vanilla Town

Minor changes have been made to the rolecards and OP since the time the game was posted; the only mechanical change is that Mafia can talk in factional chat even after they are eliminated.

Also, note that votes cast at X:59:59 are valid, while votes cast at X:00:00 are not, regardless of when the thread actually locks.

Polls for game start time and day are in the signup thread.

Poll results in. Game begins 2024-05-04T20:00:00Z.

Day 1 starts now, and ends 2024-05-06T20:00:00Z.



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Good Morning Chat


I just woke up tired Kanave is obv town someone pls be online


I’m online.

d1 jailor claim, tplo on me

Wait no likes :frowning:


yes likes

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Only us villagers get to use likes. You’re a wolf.

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how do i scumhunt in this mode

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With a gun.

Ok so lemme get the wincons right cuz its confusing me, we win if the number of town = mafia, mafia wins if 2/3 mafia are executed

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holy shit it’s jail themselves

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