Just thought of an interesting possible new outsider role for Botf games.

Role name: Ghast
Type: Outsider
Special things about it: This role can’t be executed.

Ability: As long as this role is alive, dead minions can still freely use their abilities.

My thoughts on this role is that it’s a role that really doesn’t want to be alive but also needs to trick the demon into killing them in order to die while the evil team doesn’t want to kill this role. Could certainly make for interesting shenanigans.


Poof this sounds really powerful

Feedback / Support

Would probably need a DA on the script

The site could use some ghasts, don’t you think?


Oaf (outsider): If you nominate any good aligned player, your team loses. This ability is lost if you nominate an evil aligned player (once).

Olaf what’s the matter with you!


Interesting idea.

Could definitely help.


This is a Townsfolk tbh
Immediate confirmation with some consequences because of how powerful it is


it’s just a worse sailor

This is not a Townsfolk lol

Surviving execution just means you need a script where other things can also survive

And in exchange its a free vigormortis on every Minion


Sailor is a townsfolk because you can ask why you drunked yourself over the target (usually means your target wasnt a Townsfolk)


True. It’s a townsfolk that actually wants to die so their ability stops helping the evils.

It’s an outsider which is technically a townsfolk but with negative utility.

Any not-on-death Outsider already wants to bait the night kill if possible, and if this character claims and any obvious Minion abilities persist throughout the game (like the Pit Hag, Harpy, Psychopath, whatever), they’re just hardconfirmed good. It also follows the principle that anyone who survives two executions in a row is practically confirmed good as well, so adding a DA to the script won’t change anything.

The only evil character that could reasonably bluff this character is Lleech, and only by depending on the script.

I understand your concept and where you’re coming from, but this character feels iffy as is.


psychopath would make this funny though

It would also be funny if the Barber decided the swap instead of the Demon.


litten is missing the point anyway

vizier is funnier