Lackadaisy: Pick your Poison FM interest check

Greetings forum mafiosos, godfathers and various town villagers

You have most likely heard or even seen about animation pilot based on webcomics back in mid 2000’s: prohibition era but with cats and the best thing that happened in Youtube of independent animated projects after Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. If you haven’t seen the animated pilot film before or haven’t decided to watch yet, I should say I’d recommend you to watch and perhaps even support their hard-earned of their efforts making such fantastic pilot on Patreon, but I digress.

So I decided to host an forum mafia game around the thema of Lackadaisy with semi-open setup named Pick Your Poison that is now currently on Vanilla Queue. Pick Your Poison setup is like any vanilla setups, however mafia will decide which town roles will be pre-randed but not informed whom player is distributed from the roles they have chosen before the game starts. I think from philosophy of the setup fits well with the lore of Lackadaisy series. This is topic about having interest in playing this setup in near future, you can discuss about Lackadaisy lore itself as well, but I can’t answer host-related questions I will save for the reviewer.

I am also seeking co-host(s) for this setup, I may allow pre-ins however keep in mind you might be waiting for few months which may be long period to you and may have rescinded from pre-in in the game because of real life happening or among another things that occupy your time.


This is a setup idea that I like, although it will probably end up in the weakest roles being submitted every time.


This would be cool if all of the roles are fun and fairly strong
I could co-host now that I have “experience” :popcorn::sunglasses:
But I’d rather play tbh be honest

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Will the town know what the slecetion of PR townroles will be from? Like (2 out of these 10 roles are in game) type thing

hi i doubt ill be involved in the game at all but i am going to shill lackadaisy go watch the pilot it’s really good


semi-open setups showcase on opening post on sign-up topic what roles will be expected to roll but not guaranteed all of them.

So yea

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Ok yeah fair enough!

I’d be happy to be your cohost when the time comes.


I’m not a FM player but Lackadaisy my beloved

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I’m not a FM player but cats my beloved

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I’m neither a Lackadaisy watcher nor an FM player.

the fact you don’t consider yourself an FM player certainly explains some things


not a webcomics guy but i played the setup before its pretty good

Sounds positive from most players.

I got this covered, don’t you worry

Like, the Mafia will almost always choose to give town the weakest roles and themselves the strongest roles.

Even if “weakest roles” included very strong roles, and “strongest roles” included very weak roles, that would be optimal as compared to any possible alternatives, given a competent and informed enough mafia.

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Frost will say “just trust me”


What if based on what the mafia picks, Frost adjusts the mafosi roles accordingly?

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The way the Pick Your Poison setup usually works is that the Mafia choose a power rating (low power, medium power, high power), and that categorises the powers that could be chosen for both teams. Frost hasn’t mentioned that here that I could see, though.


Just town roles, mafia stay as goons.

Not I heard before about Pick Your Poison setup mafia pick themselves an role

So yeah trust