Legacy Forum of Lies Variant List

If these are used, inform players in the signup thread in the OP

  1. Death Notes

You can submit a single jpg or png (preferably drawn) to be displayed whenever you kill a player. If you are a member of the Blue Dragon and accurately claim your death note in any way, any abilities that require an accurate claim or a role guess are automatically correct on you.

Artist and it’s King Variant can also be run in these games.

  1. Whispers

You can privately whisper players.
You are assigned a whisper count ranging from 3 to 12, decided by the host. That’s how many times you can whisper per day. Claiming this in any way makes any abilities that require an accurate claim or a role guess automatically correct on you.

Your whispers have a 400-character hard limit. If they are longer than 50 characters, then the Unseen/Cult also see the whisper.

Optionally, the host can give various roles abilities that allow them to (limited) see or interact with whispers. This should also be publicly announced before the game is run.

  1. Destruction Declaration

All Neutral Killers win together, instead of needing to kill eachother. They still do not know eachother.

  1. Usurper Mode

There might be no Unseen or Cult if this modifier is present, at host discretion. All Neutrals win together, and if alive Neutrals (or Neutrals that committed suicide due to winning) >= alive Non-Neutrals, all Neutrals win.

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