Litten’s Terrible Game (12/12)

In the mystic realms of Enigma, a profound convergence of leaders unfolds, united by an enigmatic purpose that transcends the boundaries of their individual dominions. A pact, forged in the shadows, has brought them together with a singular goal: to root out the corruption that threatens to taint their sacred realm. The forces of chaos have insidiously infiltrated the very fabric of their worlds, sowing seeds of discord and deception.

Led by their shared sense of responsibility, the realm leaders stand resolute. Each one brings to the table their unique strengths, knowledge, and allegiances. The once-isolated realms, marked by their distinct characteristics, have now become interconnected through this shared quest. The leaders, though from diverse backgrounds, are bound by a mutual understanding that their individual destinies are interwoven with the fate of Enigma

The leaders of the mystic realms convene in a neutral realm known as the “Ethereal Nexus.” This enigmatic realm exists beyond the boundaries of their individual domains, a place untouched by the influence of any specific realm’s energy or essence. The Ethereal Nexus serves as a sanctuary of neutrality, a space where the leaders can gather without the interference of their own realms’ conflicts and biases.

Hosted by Litten. Reviewed and Cohosted by Achromatic.
Setup based on Starship Epiphron


Ethereal Nexus Rules

  1. Identity Theft is not a joke - All leaders that are present for this conference is known. Therefore, you all know each other’s roles (see the Leader Report below), but not each other’s alignments.

  2. Disqualification - Leaders who are determined to be a negative influence can be exiled from the UNIVERSE through a special procedure. Each day, a player may nominate one other player. Nominations are open for 24 hours from the start of day. After nominations close, each player may vote execute on anyone nominated. The player with the most votes is executed, so long as the amount of execute votes is greater than 1/2 of the living players + 1. In the event of a tie, the jester wins. If no execution occurs, the mafia may choose to kill a player of their choice.

  3. Conference Lenghts -Each conference is 48 hours. Day will never end early.

  4. Quiet Hours - Leaders are encouraged to get plenty of sleep before each conference; as such, talking to each other at night is strictly prohibited. These quiet hours will be 24 hours unless stated otherwise (mainly due to the availability of officials).

  5. Exile - Only careful study of the actions of exiled leaders can determine whether or not they were corrupt. As such, only The Emperor will be aware of whether or not someone exiled ONLY by execution was a corrupt leader.

Conference Rules

  1. Code of Conduct - All leaders are required to follow the Global Forum Rules and the Forum Game Rules. Failure to comply will result in immediate ejection from the Pro League.

  2. Playing For the Team - Any attempt to intentionally make your team lose the game will result in punitive action. (All players must operate with the goal of winning with your team - don't throw the game.)

  3. Tardiness - Leaders are expected to be timely. If a leader hasn’t said anything in 24 hours, they will be prodded for inactivity. If they do not respond to the prod within 12 hours of it being sent, they will be removed and replaced with someone else. Receiving two prods will result in an automatic replacement.

  4. Divine Communications - All questions and requests to gods must be done in private. Any messages delivered to you by the gods are to stay strictly between you and the gods.

  5. Brainwashing - Any attempts to affect the conference through reality warping or brainwashing are strictly forbidden. (Don’t edit or delete posts in substantive ways without host approval. Grammar edits are fine.)

  6. Don’t talk about fight club - Leaders are not allowed to communicate with anyone through unauthorized channels. (Don't talk about the game anywhere outside of the game without direct host approval.)

  7. meme - meme

  8. Branding - This is the official color for special game-related announcements. Do not use this color or ones that could be easily mistaken for it.



By intercepting encrypted communications, the gods of the realm have determined that there are likely two corrupt leaders plotting to throw the realm into chaos. However, due to the encryption, their identities remain unknown. There are also signs of another leader attempting to get themselves exiled.

Corrupt Leader
Corrupt Leader

Access Alignment Descriptions

You are a Leader. Your goal is to find all of the Corrupt Leaders that have infiltrated the Pro League and exile them.

You are a corrupt leader. The other corrupt leader in the conference is [X]. Your goal is to throw the realm into chaos. If one corrupt leader is alive by the end of day six, everyone else loses. Once a game during the night you may vote on a player to kill. You may communicate with your partner.

You are a Jester. Your goal is to get exiled by execution. Upon doing this, the game ends and you win the game. If an execution is tied at end of day, you win.

Leaders Report

All leaders have been thoroughly documented. You may view the details that have been collected below.

Leader Report

Quirx Xanderflare - Emperor of the Tweetrealm

In the heart of the Tweetrealm, Quirx Xanderflare holds dominion over the digital tapestry of thoughts and opinions. With a penchant for rebranding and transformation, he once led a campaign to rename Twitter as X, much to the bewilderment of his subjects. Beneath the surface of his quirky decisions lies a shrewd strategist, able to sway the fates of executions and determine the course of alignment revelations.

Whenever a different player would be executed, you can choose to negate the execution. If you do not negate the execution, you learn the alignment of the executed player. When you die, choose your successor.

Professor Chortle Titterbottom - Realm of Jocular Jests

As the curator of laughter and amusement, Professor Chortle Titterbottom occupies the Realm of Jocular Jests. Armed with boundless humor, he was once a gifted comedian who lost his own ability to be funny. His role as the Deviant’s overseer ensures that no laugh escapes their lips, an irony he bears with good-natured resignation.

If you were funny today, you cannot be executed. Doesn’t work on the last day.

Sir Stakelot Tumbletop - Ladder

Born of necessity and organization, Sir Stakelot Tumbletop is known as the Step-Ladder in the annals of the realm. Hailing from a humble background, he observed the power of progressions in his father’s carpentry work. Now, as the arbiter of nominations, he enforces a precise stacking system, ensuring that the weight of votes leads to a symphony of eliminations.

You can nominate three players each day. All of them will be executed if the vote totals for each are stacked in a [x], [x]+1, [x]+2 progression.

DJ Rhymera Groovemane - Rapper

In the heart of Melodic Enclave, DJ Rhymera Groovemane reigns as the melodious master of rhythm. A lyricist and performer from a young age, she emerged as a rap sensation. Her battles challenge participants to engage in lyrical warfare, captivating audiences and banishing the defeated with shame.

Once per game, you can challenge a player to a real rap battle. Whoever loses leaves the game in shame. Once per game, you can challenge a player to a fake rap battle. Whoever loses this will be embarrassed. This is a day action. The winner is decided by uninformed spec chat.

King Eccentrico Crownsworth - Monarchist

Hailing from the domain of endless debates, King Eccentrico Crownsworth emerged as a vibrant character, known for his unorthodox opinions and refusal to conform to conventional norms. Driven by his thirst for uncharted discussions, he bestows the title of King upon others, entrusting them with the power to sway the court’s decisions.

Twice per game, turn a player into a King the next day phase. The King is the only player who may vote on nominations but cannot nominate themselves. You cannot target the same player twice ever.

Madam Babbleboots Giggledum - Gay Baby Jailer

In the nursery of mischief, Madam Babbleboots Giggledum presides over Gay Baby Jail with a wink and a nod. A devotee of online pranks, she has perfected the art of the unexpected. Enforcing her authority, she incarcerates players, rendering them voiceless while their fellow inmates revel in their comical isolation.

Once each day, you can send a player to Gay Baby Jail. Votes for them become 0 and their role does not function. You may not target the same player twice in a row.

Empress Whiskerluna - Feline Dominion

In the Feline Dominion, Empress Whiskerluna reigns with a mischievous glint in her eyes. Her passion for cats extends to her role, communicating solely through feline imagery. Each day, she welcomes new members to her realm, extending her influence beyond the physical boundaries of her domain.

You may only communicate through cat images and gifs. You are given an alt account called animal, which is the only account you are allowed to post on. Each day you may invite a new player from someone who isn’t in the game, to be able to post on this account. They may only communicate in a different animal language of the host choice.

** Quizmaster Achromatic - Arbiter of Enigmatic Trials

From the heart of the Ethereal Nexus, a figure known as Quizmaster Achromatic emerges, embodying the essence of enigma itself. Born of the realm’s ethereal energies, Achromatic has taken on the solemn duty of overseeing the Protocol: Quiz—a unique trial that challenges the minds of Enigma’s inhabitants and reinforces the realm’s unity.

Once per a game either (so submitted n1 or n2) day 2 or day 3 you can initiate Protocal: Quiz where normal procedure is thrown out and all living players participate in a private quiz. The lowest two scores are nominated for execution. A mystery score iknown only to the hosts is also nominated. You may choose to also rig one persons quiz to be extremely easy, while the other is extremely difficult.

Discordia Disarray - Evil Twin

Born of chaos and enigma, Discordia Disarray thrives on the tumultuous currents of the Abyssal Turmoil. She wields her power to sway the secretive votes of others, unveiling the hidden allegiances that shape the realm’s narrative. Her machinations dance along the thin line between calculated strategy and unpredictable chaos.

On even days while you are alive, players vote privately & the vote tally is secret. Once each day, you can choose a nomination to investigate the votes of. You learn all the voters voting for that person.

Chief Switchback Gearswapper - Fire Hydrant

Born from the fiery crucible of transformation, Chief Switchback Gearswapper resides in the Realm of Fluxing Shifts. His mastery over role alchemy allows him to forge connections between the realms of the living and the departed. The roles of the living are transmuted into the roles of the dead, forever altering the course of the game.

Twice per game, swap the roles of an alive and dead player. This processes at the end of the phase, so if you die this doesn’t process.

I may have forgotten a role - secret 12 role
This is for sure a detailed backstory.

You may speak and vote while dead.

Enigma Enigmatah - Average BotC Player

Deep within the enigmatic Puzzle Realm, the enigmatic Riddler Runiccipher holds sway over the Average BotC Player. As players grapple with their uncertain abilities, he chuckles in the shadows, weaving a web of mysteries for them to untangle. Each day, their guesses unlock fragments of truth, revealing the inner workings of their puzzling role.

You do not know what your ability is. Each day, privately guess what it is: you learn how accurate you are.


  1. Zorvo
  2. Hazardwaste
  3. tutuu
  4. May
  5. Pigeon
  6. Porscha
  7. Garfooled
  8. todaystory
  9. Eliza
  10. magnus
  11. beancat
  12. Kaba


  1. Marshal
  2. Ice
  3. Baker
  4. Arctic


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Host Note:
I take hosting very seriously. I have developed a plan to figure out who is trustworthy. Anyone can join uninformed chat. People in uninformed are given the chance to vote on who wins any rap battles that occur. In order to be informed, you must ask achromatic to give you a five question quiz. Correctly answering this quiz will give you access to informed. Incorrectly answering it will force you to wait a day in order to ask again.

The uninformed majority goal is to eliminate all the corrupt leaders by the end of day six. If they do not, then the informed majority will win, and everyone else will lose. The Jester’s goal is to get exiled during the day. If this happens, the Jester will win and everyone else will lose.

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lettuce ball

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Force Rand me Jester.


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This is the last game I’ll be in’ing to for a bit.

Want to focus on other stuff after.

I will not force rand anyone anything

It was a joke because I want Jester.

Will Mafia have access to a private thread?


Unlike traditional setups, if the mafia isn’t killed by the end of day six, town loses (and the jester)


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The void beckons all challengers.


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wait so this IS that funny game?

i almost didnt in because i skimmed the op and it looked nothing like that game

now im thinking maybe this is just some joke towards another past game

but … could potentially other people be offput by the OP that is very difficult to understand, @Litten? :stuck_out_tongue: (at least for me it was difficult)

why not keep OP short and simple - just like in the thread you and geyde made

i thought simplicity was a charm

anyway /in

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personally this pitch was a lot more effective for me, it made me think “i want to play this game”, rather than this OP, but it could just be me!

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There are host expectations about listing the game rules and setup. Litten didn’t need to add flavour, but it was planned to rip the Omega Strikers OP a while back. Before the rolelist you posted just then, I mean.


I was forced against my will to write an op
trust me, if I could just write “join” and nothing else I would have


If no one else joins spec chat, marshal will exclusively decide who wins rap battles


don’t give them this power


I see this is a win because Marshal would always either always or never skew rap battles in my favour, and I would figure out which it is rather early on.