Litten's Terrible Smalltown Game (it's not really litten's I made all the roles)


Recently decided to rebrand Twitter as X. Why the fuck they decided to do this still eludes me.

Whenever a non-Emperor player would be executed, you can choose to negate the execution. If you do not negate the execution, you learn the alignment of the executed player. When you die, choose your successor.


Mechanically, it is impossible for you to be funny.

If you were funny today, you cannot be executed.


Also known as the Step-Ladder

You can nominate three players each day. All of them will be executed if the vote totals for each are stacked in a [x], [x]+1, [x]+2 progression.


inspiring lyrics such as: uh uh uh yeah uh

Twice per game, you can challenge a player to a rap battle. Whoever loses leaves the game in shame

Gay Baby Jailer

Shoutouts to Simpleflips

Once each day, you can send a player to Gay Baby Jail. Votes for them become 0 and their role does not function. Does not work on the Deviant.

Least Questionable Role Design

I don’t care what this role says. There’s probably something worse cooked up by these people.

Your neighbor’s votes and nominations are decided by Nerdcord’s #general channel. You can choose two swap your place on the playerlist once each day.


Is not the average MU debater

Twice per game, turn a player into a King the next day phase. The King is the only player who may vote on nominations, but cannot nominate themselves. You cannot target the same player twice ever.



You may only communicate through cat images and gifs. You are given a alt account called cat which is the only account you are allowed to post on. Each day you may invite a new player from someone who isn’t in the game, to be able to post on this account.

Good Twin

Why is evil twin even in this setup we could literally attach its mechanics to literally any other role

If you are executed before the Evil Twin is executed, your team loses. This does not apply if you are the Jester.

Evil Twin

Fuck you I put in organ grinder

On even days while you are alive, players vote privately & the vote tally is secret. Once each day, you can choose a nomination to investigate the votes of. You learn all the voters voting that person.

Fire Hydrant


Twice per game, swap the roles of an alive and dead player. This processes at the end of the phase, so if you die this doesn’t process.

Average BotC Player

Decay is an extant form of life

You do not know what your ability is. Each day, privately guess what it is: you learn how accurate you are.


Smalltown Nightless Setup

9 town
2 mafia
1 game ending jester

mafia have a 2-shot vig kill that processes at the end of the phase.

I think there’s not enough role stupidity so I’ll let the botcheads figure that out for me

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A random player from the scum team needs to have a flag

what the fuck does the flag do

if it’s dropped they lose

oh yeah also emperor, on death, turns a player of their choice into emperor

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this doesn’t work with rapper tho

this passes infinitely


i meant flag

flag doesn’t work with rapper role

We don’t need a flag

how does this make you feel

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idk I think mu debatehead goes harder

which is good

it has dogshit synergy with the rest of the setup so it’s only even day

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the cat should be an alt account, which one of the heads constantly switches, each day the player invites a new head

write that up im not doing that shit

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