Minority Rule: Treasures of the Old Ones - N.1 wins! (and Marluna survived!)

Congratulations on passing the first phase of the interview. As some of you may know, the Miskatonic University has decided to fund an expedition into the newly discovered city of Ushyll. We require a team of highly skilled and brave explorers willing to risk their lives for the sake of Archeology. The contents of this document are highly confidential, and as already covered in your NDA, you may not discuss this with others.

The Lost City of Ushyll. Has been discovered along the coast of ████, near████. This city has been lost for countless ages and has been mentioned in literature dating back to the 1st century. As such, you will be held liable for any damages at the sight, which will be deducted from your pay. You are to retrieve any and all artifacts and disarm any traps that might have been set by its previous inhabitants so that more professional people can come in and recover the artifacts. If you find the Calix Vitae, do not consume its contents, we recommend bringing it back safely to the Miskatonic University for research purposes. The City has become overgrown throughout the ages, as the plants have infested a large portion of the walls, houses, ramparts, and gates throughout the city, nevertheless, the city appears to be similar to architecture attributed to castles that are found in late-century medieval area Germany. The City of Ushyll sits near the edge of a cliff that drops into a grand in-lake. The waterfall flows from near the city, all the way down the cliff into the water, the river that feeds the waterfall is where the City draws its supply of water. While there are some ancient farmlands on the outside of the City, the main economy of the City was the exportation of medicine. The City was extremely rich and influential during the height of its power, only falling into disarray when all of its citizens mysteriously vanished. The City is directly tied with the occult, with many of stories describing the horrific torture and ritual killing of individuals in an effort to appeal to their god. In the far side of the city lies a grand keep, said to have housed the lord of this domain. The city as a whole is filled with dilapidated banners, houses, and cobble roads. The City is filled with countless sets of gates, which each have a varying amount of doorlike entrances. Attached to this email is an image the survey team took of the location.

For your exploration, we will be providing supplies including but not limited to water, rations, flashlights, designated uniforms, and medical supplies. Any additional needs must be addressed to ██████ head of Miskatonic University’s Human Resources department. If these needs are egregious or deemed unnecessary, The Miskatonic University reserves the right to deny such requests.

Before you enter the city, there is some important information to know. We have recovered this information from an original copy of the Necronomicon, so what is heard might not be directly the truth about the ancient city therefore The Miskatonic University holds no accountability if the information turns out to be incorrect:

Necronomicon (Read this)

Within the City of Ushyll the city houses many rooms. These rooms all exhibit mystical properties, affecting anyone within these rooms. The rooms within the City of Ushyll were designed with the intent of minorities in mind, spelling doom for whoever inhabited the room with the most people. This doom can be avoided with certain talismans that are scattered across the city. These Talismans will grant favor with the gods, allowing those with more talismans to live in the event that there is a tie with the room that has the largest number of people. If rooms are tied for majority, and have an equal number of talismans, both rooms die

The City of Ushyll is very unfriendly toward visitors, in order to enter the central keep, there must only be two or less people left to enter the rooms. This action is a grace from the gods, a mercy on those who have survived the many rooms of the City.

Each room has a magical property that is tied to it, it provides statuses, audience with the gods, or simply leads to oblivion.

Here exists a list of the potential rooms that exists with the City of Ushyll:

Battle: If there is only one person in this room, they will die. A half of the pickers in this room will die (rounded down), and the remaining pickers will have a 20% chance of receiving an artifact.

Betrayal: If this room is tied for the minority, it gains infinite picks and becomes the majority.

Blessings: Everyone who picks this becomes Blessed.

Blank: This room literally does nothing.

Calling: A random person who did not pick this will change to this room.

Catacombs: A random picker becomes Cursed and receives an artefact.

Chance: If this room is the majority, then one random picker will survive. If this is not the majority, then one random picker will die.

Cleanse: Everyone who picks this loses all statuses.

Divided: Everyone who picks this counts as half.

Duplicate: Takes the effect of the room with the most pickers (at the time this room activates).

Encounter: All pickers will receive a random negative status and artifact.

Equality: All pickers within this room will receive the effects that anyone in the game receives at the end of the round. So if someone gets a artefact, a person within this room would get it too, if someone becomes cursed, all pickers in this room will become cursed too. This does not apply to the
Saint or Worshiper statuses.

Equity: If this room has atleast one picker, a random player within ANY room will receive an artifact at the end of the round.

Exchange: Any picker who has an artifact will be able to exchange it for whichever artefact they desire. This can only be performed once. If you die to the majority, a random player will receive the artifact.

False Exit: This takes the effect of a random room from the previous round (at the time this room activates).

Fear: A random person who did pick this will change to a random room in the current pool.

Holy: A random picker becomes a saint. All other pickers become cursed.

Illusion: This room takes the effect of another secret room before the start of the round.

Insanity: A random picker becomes insane.

Knowledge: A random picker will become enthralled.

Life: If nobody picks this, everybody dies.

Mimic: This room does nothing, but it takes the name of another random room.

Monster: Everyone who picks this will die.

Overgrown: Anyone who enters this room can’t change rooms or be affected by artifacts.

Permanency: If picked by anyone, this room will also be in the pool for the next round. Once this room is the majority, it is removed from the pool for all future rounds.

Proposal: Two random pickers become lovers. If only one person picks this room, nothing happens.

Puzzle: Provided that this room does not reach majority, everyone in this room at the end of the round will receive a puzzle. The first person to complete the puzzle, before the end of the next round receives an Artefact.

Reality Shift: A random picker becomes Ethereal.

Revelation: Every picker learns what artifacts players have.

Ritual: All pickers are immune to death this round for any reason other than the majority. A random picker becomes a Sacrifice.

Sacred Ground: A random picker becomes Burdened & receives an artefact.

Seance: If this room is picked, 3 random dead pickers will come back to life.

Temple: All pickers become cultists.

Theft: If there are artifacts in play, a random player in this room will steal an artifact from another player. If there are no artifacts in play, a random player in this room will steal an artifact from the gods, and by doing so, receive the cursed status effect & an artefact.

Treasure: A random picker obtains an artifact.

Unity: If all players pick this, nobody will die due to the majority.

Whispers: One random picker becomes a Worshiper.

Yquara: A random player is inflicted with Rot and receives an Artefact.

Multiple diseases have originated from the city. Even though the citizens remained unaffected by these diseases, the Lord of Ushyll would frequently weaponize diseases in their war of conquest in the surrounding regions. Below is a list of the statuses that have been linked to have come from the land:

Blessed - You cannot die for any reason except for the majority. Once your death is prevented by this status, this status will be removed.

Burdened - You are weighed down by a ball and chain, causing your vote to count as double.

Cultist - If there are any cultists, then there will be a room that only its members may pick. It will be denoted in [brackets].

Cursed - You will die next round unless your status is removed or your death is prevented. This status is removed afterwards.

Enthralled - You must pick a room that is denoted by “!”.

Ethereal - You do not count as a picker for the next round. This status is removed afterwards.

Insane - You must pick the majority or you will die.

Lovers - Lovers are assigned in pairs. If one lover dies, both die. Two people must have this status for it to take effect, else the effect is removed.

Rot - Causes any disease to proc as soon as you receive it. If you enter a room with another player with a status effect, it will cause their disease effect to proc and they will receive the Rot status.

Sacrifice - Nobody who picks the same room as you can die for any reason other than the majority. If anyone who would die without your intervention is saved, you will die instead.

Saint - You are immune to death. Once your death is prevented by this status, this status will be removed.

Worshiper - A random person who picks the same room as you will die.

The City also houses a multitude of artifacts, as the denizens were greatly favored by the gods. These artifacts grant their holders special powers, linked with their patreon. However the greatest artifact of all: the Calix Vitae, which is said to grant immortality, is kept within the royal treasury, located in the Grand Keep of the city. When the artifacts are used, they will burn up and disappear, returning to their patreon god’s hands.

Effigy of Shub-Niggurath - Select two players, these players will become lovers with each other.

Description: An effigy depicting the all powerful god of fertility.

Bottle of Unknown Substance - Applies a random negative status effect to a selected player

Description: It is a tiny class bottle that has a lid of cork. Within it lies a blue-goo-like substance that appears to have an endless amount of faces within it.

Void Milk - Reroll a selected room, this artifact must be used within the first 12 hours of a cycle, and will extend the cycle by 6 hours.

Description: It appears like a normal glass milk bottle with a wood lid on the top that has some sort of ancient inscription. The contents within the bottle can hardly be described as milk, while the substance is white and non-solid, it resembles the very landscape of the galaxy as one gazes into it.

Unknown Tentacle - Select a room, the user will be informed if anyone has currently picked that room, but will not know how many are in the room or who picked the room.

Description: A large greenish-blue tentacle makes people go crazy the longer that they look at it. It is drenched in water and probably belongs to a beast that is in a long slumber

Idol of Bokrug - Flood a room, permanently sealing it for the round. This will force current pickers out of the room.This artifact must be used within the first 12 hours of a cycle this will also extend the cycle by 6 hours. This cannot be used when there are less than 4 rooms, in which case this artifact will change into a different artifact.

Description: A wooden sculpture of the Great Old One named Bokrug. Bokrug is said to resemble a green lizard with red eyes, not much is known about the god other than that his anger led to the destruction of Sarbath.

Beacon of Red Flux - Select a body to turn into a zombie, this zombie will last one round and the user can make this zombie enter any room and it will count as a picker.

Description: A pyramid shaped artifact, its corners and bottom are covered in solid gold, with the rest of the artifact resembling tempered glass. Within the inside of the pyramid lies a sea of red floating bubbles that are as opaque as the darkness itself.

Antique Music Box - Its calming melodies will cure all status effects.

Description: A Musical Instrument that appears to have been forged by the worshippers of Juk-Shabb, in an effort to imitate its vast knowledge. It is a typical wooden music box, although one can only wonder how old such an artifact is.

Head of Ghatanothoa - Select a player, they will be unable to leave the room that they selected (they also can’t change their pick).

Description: A cut off head of the Dark God Ghatanothoa. One can only wonder how such an artifact was made.

Silver Key - The holder of this artifact, if they are placed into a room that reaches majority, will swap to a random different room. This action is done before the majority kills anyone, so if the room that you are swapped to now becomes majority, the holder will still die.

Description: A regular silver key, however when touched it feels as though the holder is touching time itself.

Shining Trapezohedron - The user will know the distribution of people in each room, but not which rooms the distribution corresponds to or who chose which rooms.

Description: This artifact is described as a “Crazy Angled Stone” that has been brought to earth from some unknown planet. It is held in an ornate box, and is said to have been made by Yog-Sothoth himself.

Scroll of The Beyond One - Pick a room. That room will be turned into a Seance. Cannot be used if there are less then 6 hours before end of cycle.

Description: An ancient scroll that has been ripped out of the necronomicon, it contains mythical text that is said to bring back the dead.

Green Ashes - The holder of this is immune to the effects of artifacts that affect players.

Description: The greenish-leftovers of a raging fire that are left behind after a ceremony that the spawn of Tulzscha performed in order to communicate with their patron.

Totem of the Red Abyss - Once tainted with the blood of another, it will protect the user from death.

Description: A Vampiric totem that is covered with several eyes. The totem is made of wood yet it appears to ooze a black substance out of it.

Hound Amulet - Select a player, a random player in the same room (at the end of the round) as the selected player will become cursed.

Description: A tiny stone amulet that resembles a Hound Watchdog that is watching over a grave, it looks very similar to a gargoyle.

Broken Flute - Select a room, a random picker in that room will become Insane at the end of the round.

Description: A Flute constructed by the great craftsman ████████ ████████ in an effort to copy the songs that Tru’’nembra sang in Azathoth’s court.

Tooth of Mordiggian - Select a player, steal all artifacts that the player has.

Description: A tooth that comes from the fangs of the charnel god. It’s sharp demeaner reflects the appearence of it’s sluggish form

The old ones have left Talisman within certain rooms, these rooms are denoted with Wind Chimes. Everyone entering a room with a Talisman will obtain them. On the Talisman lay the following text

“Possessor adquirit gratiam”

This has been translated meaning "Those who possess these Talisman are greater then those who don’t, Talismans are used to break majority"

It also appears that once Talismans are used they will burn to a crisp and disappear, further research is needed as to what starts the fire. If there is a count between talismans in the event of a three way tie, the middle amount of talismans will be consumed to break the tie.

Doors with Talisman are marked with Wind Chimes :wind_chime:

Now that you have read the above information, by signing up for this expedition of the unknown, you are agreeing that the fact that the Miskatonic University is not liable for any injury, illness, condition, status, curse, meeting, sight, sound, breath, or similar that may or may not result in death, mental distress, loss of consciousness, corporeal shift, loss of humanity, transformation of physical structure, etc. In addition, once the investigation begins any correspondence outside of the this thread without adding the sender of this email to such correspondence, is strictly forbidden. Punishments range from fines to flogging.

Your designated time for entering the city will be at 10 PM EST, and you are expected to submit what rooms you have decided to explore within 24hrs of the mission beginning. You are required to provide us a message on what room you will be going into, or else our data might be lost. Failure to provide us correspondence on what rooms you are entering will end us controlling your body into entering a random room. If this happens more than once, your contract will be terminated. If you refuse to enter a room after signing this contract, your contract will be terminated.

This is a dangerous mission, so if you wish for any rights/religious practices/wills to be fulfilled upon your unlikely untimely death, please provide us information requesting such when signing up for this mission.

On behalf of the Miskatonic University, thank you for your enthusiasm in the investigation of the unknown, and we hope that all of you return mostly in the same physical and mental state as when you disembarked.

Deadline for signatures for the expedition is dated on the attached email. If you decide not to commit to the investigation, you will still be under NDA.

Signed: Keeper, Brakuren

Image of Ushyll

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Signups will last until 2024-02-18T03:00:00Z

Explorers will have 24 hours to decide their rooms each round.





Minority Rule 3 here like 4-5 years ago was one of my favorite experiences on FoL. Even though I lost. So so close with me against Moleland I think





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i used dalle. The Artifacts have art drawn by me though.

@Magician magnus wanted me to ping you as they thought you would be interested in this game


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Let me get a jewish funeral with prayers I guess https://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/281559/jewish/Jewish-Funeral-Service-Eulogy.htm

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If I die can you virtually cremate my body and give my ashes as an artifact to someone



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{:pencil2:} Donate my body to science! Kthx ^u^


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