[MISC] Goldenballs - Leafia and Whysper Win $39,766!

Welcome to Goldenballs!
Hosted by @Wazza! May luck be on your side.

If the game is played with 5 players the game will begin at the First Round
If the game is played with only 4 players the game will begin at the Second Round


When you signup for the game please choose 2 numbers between 1-4 and then choose 2 numbers between 1-5 privately in a DM to me. They cannot be the same number, you must also pick which number you would like to be placed in ranging from 1-5, this does affect the game slightly.

First Round

Before the game, 100 Balls are revealed to be in the pool to be rolled on out, each ranging between $0.01 to $75,000 - 15 balls are rolled out of here and 5 KILLER balls are added to the pool as well. These balls are then distributed randomly to each players and the 2 numbers selected in the 1-4 pool by a player will be shown publicly, each player will then get to learn their remaining 2 balls and then will have to try and show their worth!

The player who is selected via voting (Which is done publicly) will have their balls revealed and completely discarded from the game.

Second Round

Before the Second Round begins, 3 random winning balls that were in the previous round are discarded, they are not revealed. The highest and lowest value from the previous round is immune to this. 3 new winning balls are added.

Once again each player receives 4 balls at random, 2 of them are revealed and the game begins all over again where each player must show their worth once more with the player who received the most votes is eliminated, their balls are revealed and removed.

Third Round

Before the Third Round begins, all balls from the previous round remain in the pot, however 2 more balls are added with 1 being a KILLER ball, each player will now draw 5 balls, the two that are shown will be the 2 numbers they selected during the signups phase of the game.

Once again the players must try and show their worth to survive! The player with the most votes is once again eliminated and the remaining 2 players are sent to the final round.

Bin or Win?

The Final Round begins with 10 remaining balls, 5 of each of the two contestants who managed to survive to the end, 1 extra ball is added to the fray, this ball is a KILLER ball, making there be 11 balls that are in the final pick.

The two remaining contestants will then have to choose a ball to eliminate and a ball to keep starting with the player who brought the most amount of money into the round, each ball will be revealed as it gets chosen, if a KILLER ball shows up before any winning balls (Balls with cash in them), they will not affect the sum of money, however if it shows up after the cash the current jackpot already there is divided by 10 and from there on out already divised balls will no longer be divisible.

Split or Steal?

After the final round is over, the remaining two contestants must discuss with one another whether they would prefer to split the prize or steal the prize, if the prize is split then both players will win however if the prize is stolen then that player alone will win. I sort of don’t have any prizes I can give out so :wowee: but I can try and think of something.

Your goal here is to win the most money, so good luck to all of our contestants! Show your worth everybody!


Voting is done publicly once the timer hits 24 hours, if a player fails to place a vote before the 24 hours are up then they will automatically vote themself, if a majority is reached of players with locked votes on one player then the phase will end early and the next phase will begin. In the event of a tie, the player eliminated will be randomised between the votes of the players not involved in the tie.

Important Ball Information

All players must state the value of their hidden balls before the end of the round whether that is truthful or false, if the player above/below you on the playerlist depending on the rotation of the current round has not stated theirs then you will not be punished for not stating yours. Given punishments are hidden and up to the host at the point of time in the game.


  1. Eli
  2. Whysper
  3. Hippo
  4. Leafia
  5. Jane


This games requires minimal activity but I still would like enough to keep the game at a healthy stage.
to add onto this even if you’re eliminated you can still chill around in the thread and do whatever, just don’t try and influence the game too much, same with non-players

Also the game was changed from 4-6 to 4-5 to prevent the game from dragging out by basically being the same thing just for an additional round.

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make your mind up, nerd

how much activity is required in hours per day


activity isn’t really a thing in this game just as long as you show up and discuss each day then you’re good

sort of just actually do what you’re meant to do in the game
so I’d say it’s up to interpretation

okay so like 15 minutes per day


well I mean you’ll probably still have to read the thread.

Read the OP, it’s important

jojo reference or something

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also i dont get this game

Is this just a lottery or

It sounds like a fancier version of gambling

Maybe we can add this to quid game season 2 or something


it also sounds like survivor

basically survivor but instead of survivor your worth isn’t who you are or what you can solve your worth is those little numbers on the balls

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Squiggle game?

quid game

the british adaptation