[MISC] Stellaris: Federations - Signups (7/8+)

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Follow the Global Rules. Don’t gamethrow. Don’t edit posts, don’t delete posts, don’t post in languages other than english, don’t abuse loopholes, etc. Hopefully you get the drill.


  • This is a survivor-esque game, in that you will compete for the favor of other players.
  • The game will last exactly 72 hours. After this moment, the winner is determined.
  • Before the start of the game, two (number subject to change) random Rivals are assigned to players. Players know who their rivals are.
  • Rivals can be anybody, and do not have to be mutual.
  • If you are in a federation with a rival at the end of the game, then you will lose.
  • Federations are alliances of players. The federation with the most members at the end of the game will win.
  • You may only be in one federation at a time, and must leave your current federation in order to join a new one.
    • Federations are not publicly announced in any way shape or form.
  • Private communication is allowed between players, so long as I am involved. (admittedly this doesn’t really matter, but it’s preferred)
    • Federation chats must have the word Federation somwhere in them; other chats must not. This is for simplicity.
  • Federations must use majority vote to add members. If two players who are not in a federation want to form one, then they must mutually consent in a chat with me.
    • There will be chats for this; feel free to create/manage your own if I am unavailable.
  • Federations are softcapped at 4 members. If a federation passess this limit and would win at endgame, nobody wins. In the case of a tie, nobody wins.


  1. Wazza
  2. Atlas
  3. Squirrel
  4. Gorta
  5. Silviu
  6. Jane
  7. CRichard
  8. Arctic

specs, I guess

  1. Geyde
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thank you forum
very cool


also if anybody wants flavor
tell me and i will make you flavor
it won’t be very good, but


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/in Eli told me of all the events so I have an easy advantage

there is no events this time


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I can see this getting completely broke with 10+ players

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Maybe if this is a test run, it could be good to have just one small event

Could be worth to try and get people to join


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Of course, it’s better for your research if this remains the same but

It could encourage people

did i mention there’s an EPIC SPEC CHAT where you can MAKE FUN OF THE PEOPLE PLAYING THE GAME
if you aren’t playing feel free to join

what did we do to you eli



autocorrect only works when I don’t want it to


Should I join this even if I don’t know how to play the actual game?

uh basically form alliances (but not with your rival)

And try to be in the biggest one at end

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I hope this game doesn’t require my full attention all the time in this tiring week :eye:

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it prooobably won’t start this week? i think?
idk tho
depends all on you guys because basically the entire game is player-managed lol
so i’d start when it fits best for most people

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