Monstars Constellation (Hub)

Goal: Escape with the most characters

You wake up in a relatively small room with three other people. It seems they have yet to wake up. At this point, you feel a sense of déjà vu. As if this has already happened before.

What will you do?

(This game is heavily inspired by Luna’s Monster Mistery, so its base template mechanics are literally the same.)

> The game is played in PMs, and there will be another thread (‘the hub’) where compilations of summarized events from past runs will be recorded.

> Each player will control a “Protagonist” in the game; a human with the power of sharing knowledge with other Protagonists. If a Protagonist were to die or fail to fulfill their goal, then a summary of their run will be recorded in the hub.

> Players cannot interact with each other directly, but they may communicate with each other in the hub and discuss the details of their runs if they wish to do so.

> Each player will have a single save file, which they may manually update whenever they want. However, once a save file is overwritten, they can neither return to nor change any events prior to that point in time. Additionally, the act of saving your file will be recorded in the summary of that run.

> If a player’s Protagonist were to successfully escape, then it will be written down in the hub, but their experience won’t be shared since their Protagonist neither died nor failed to fulfill their goal. They will be told in private how many participants escaped with them, which will be their score of that run.

> If the players wish to best their own score after succeeding the goal, then they may continue to play the game by returning to their latest save point.

> The game ends when each player has escaped at least once, given up, or failed to respond within two IRL weeks.

> The player with the highest score wins.

> This game is partially influenced by luck. Not everything is set in stone.



  1. UwU
  2. Marluna
  3. Whysper

Signups are closed at 2023-06-18T22:00:00Z.

There will be another thread which only exists to record past runs and be a place to discuss events in the game, so you can start immediately by starting a PM with me and telling me what you will do.

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Come on and slam, and welcome to the jam.
Come on and slam, if you wanna jam.

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I have to
I have to
I want to


I guess introducing less characters first and expanding later, might have been a good idea for my game as well.

Also if this thing gonna pick up in popularity you should name this chapter 1, maybe…

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Uh… I have no confidence in a sequel, so I am planning to make this a one shot.

I mean interconnecting it with my (or even other storyteller’s) overall storyline. (Which I definetly have, of course)

The finished storyline is irony, if someone haven’t understood

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With enough (un)luck and (un)interest, I might be able to just turn this thread into the main hub.
Boy, do I love not having to make more threads.

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Actually I’ve been interested in this and the time and effort sounds pretty flexible, so I’ll join.


"Random nonsense"

“I truly pity those whose luck brought them misfortune instead of resources. Fortunately, ‘it’ is relatively benign compared to others of ‘its’ kin. Pay no heed to ‘it’, for ‘it’ shall not be—”

"Random fact"

Surprisingly, my worlds have less external variables and more internal variables. Hence, if one repeats the same monotonous route, then they ought to end up with the same end. …supposedly.

Whether this is of benefit for their score is another matter entirely though.

I may consider co-hosting this if you need one.

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Thank you for the offer, but it’s fine.

This game was designed such that it can be played very slowly, and at the moment there simply aren’t many events going on.

With this much free time, I have no issues with hosting three games at the same time, since I can work on (the future of) one playthrough while waiting for the other two.

There is about 60+ hours left before the signups are closed, and given the lack of interest from new potential players, I think I will turn this thread into the main hub that records all runs.

FWIW, the lack of new signups actually benefits me in a way, because now I can spend more time on the few players that already signed up.

Alright. Signups are closed.
This thread is now the main hub.

…nobody has failed or escaped yet, so I got nothing interesting to say at the moment.

Random nonsense

There is a difference between being stubborn and being hopeful; one leads to despair while the other leads to demise.

"Random rant"

The Opening Post is wrong! I truly cannot emphasize how much ‘luck’ is a factor in this game of mine. Unlike the game it is based on, there is almost no such thing as fate. Each and every single outcome of events are strongly determined by the choices of the players and the characters. They are the ones who decide their own destiny, and by extension their own ending.


Sooooo how’s the games?

Only one player remaining, so it is technically ongoing.

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[Six months later]

“Wow! This is still ongoing!?”
Yes. Surprisingly, one player kept playing, never missing the deadline of 2 weeks.

“That’s nuts…”
“So? Why have you come to necro the thread?”
Because a progress was made. Having that said, the content is rather a long story as well…

“Tell us the details!”
Sigh. Well, alright. I’ll try my best.

Attempt #1 (Whysper)

You exited your room and met up with over a dozen other members. While people were discussing their origins, you noticed that an old man was walking away from the group and decided to follow him southwards. You stopped following the old man when you were suddenly chased by a moving tree, and met up with the people who were in the same room as yours, along with another old man. You returned to the base camp, only to learn that others were gone to scout all over the place. You went northwards and found a magical tower after crossing a literal line on the ground, but you chose to go back to get more people with you. You went eastwards and found a distressed, blindfolded woman named Valentine, who appeared to have run away from a bloody massacre. When you were back at your base camp, you encountered a living armor who tried to grab you. You ran away and eventually found yourself at a forest where everything was made of glass. You found thick glasses and a crystal orb underneath a buddha statue, and noticed the glass fruits were leading to somewhere deeper in the glass forest. You followed the trail and found yourself before a humongous white mangrove tree made of wood, along with what appears to be instructions towards an exit. Rin, a member of your group who has been with you since the beginning, suddenly attempted to run away, but you caught up to her. She confessed that the glasses have the ability to reveal one’s true forms, which was the origin of her distress. However, you managed to convince her and your party to trust each other and follow the instructions at the giant white tree. Along the way, you found a trail of blood leading to what appeared to be traces of a huge battle. Eventually, you reached the end of the path and found four mirrors, of which one was already shattered. Reading the content inside the broken crystal orb, you revealed to your party that the mirrors were the exits. Immediately, Valentine rushed towards the exit and abandoned you. Rin followed suit not long afterwards. You decided to return to the base camp when you started to hear music, and noticed the other members were entranced by the music. When the music stopped, you heard someone’s voice before you died.

Your watch broke upon your final return to the base camp.

“Wait a minute. This sounds just like a copy of Marluna’s game from last year!”
Well yeah. It was meant to be a source of inspiration for her rather than an original game after all. Though it is rather sad to see that said person lost interest in this game. I suppose it is rather a miracle that this one attempt lasted for nine months.