MU hydra event


MU hydra event is running again with games between October 30th and December 11th

If you’ve been wanting to try out MU but were too scared to sign up for a game I am willing to hydra with anyone who asks (it’s advertised as a cross-community event so there will presumably be other newcomers too) which would hopefully make it less scary

trade deal

i receive:

someone to play game with me (I have no friends (okay I could ask someone on MU but may as well ask someone here first))

you receive:

a hydra partner who knows (to a reasonable extent) his way around MU culture and the playerbase

i will hold your hand if you want me to…

anyway, here’s the thread for more info on what setups are offered and how scheduling is done:

among us

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omg they’re doing sorc 17er this year


they did it last year too but modbot messed it up

skill issue


@Arctic /accept nomination

dec 15-jan 8th

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oh shit I forgot I said I was going to make you hydra with me lol

well I’m still down but the latest start date is december 11th, but that could work if I carry the posting for the first day or so

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that is during my finals meowchie

prolly gonna skip out on hydra event in general then cuz i wouldnt even open it for the first 4 days


aw man :pensive:

there are occasionally random hydra games hosted outside of the event, wanna try one of those sometime instead then?

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What do you mean you’re already in a hydra

I’m not in a hydra I just forgor

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Oh you mean theg ame here lol

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Well tutuu doesnt play on MU and hydra games here are much more rare

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I’ve considered hydraing, I just feel like every MU hydra game I end up in I either play like shit or the game itself sucks. Might give it a shot, though?

@Arctic We could play a proper game as Town Misleaders. I’m posting about the event here because I’d like to go with people from FoL this year.

@Arete If you’re not busy, we could also go as NBGVCR again. Maybe we won’t look like clowns :joy_cat:

I prooooobably won’t have time for more than two games, but if I do, maybe I’ll post here, idk.

And fwiw, if someone else wants to go with Arctic, they can have priority. I’ve already played in two hydra events, while most people on FoL played in 0.


I’m not objectively speaking that busy, I’ve just been choosing to spend my time on things that aren’t mafia, but I’d be happy to hydra with you :orange_heart:


Only if you actually want to, please don’t feel pressured to do it just because I asked.

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I clicked on the MU link, saw the spooky mode bats and thought they were bugs

I almost flicked my laptop screen