MU subforum interest check

sup friends

ive been toying around with some ideas but in the past it felt like the native FoLers had pretty mixed reception towards playing on MU

so instead of potentially sticking one on queue and having it not fill or just basically only fill with people who arent FoLers (in which case i’d question why its a subforum game/why it’s taking a spot on our queue) i figure i just



so like


  • heck yeah id play on our hecking subforum (given the game is already appealing to me)
  • heck no i hate pages or something but i would not play that is the point i am trying to make playing off of this site is actively a negative
  • other (explain in a reply ideally)

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the subforum in question if you did not know of its existence: Fortress of Lies

i know most of our threads kinda devolve into glorified chatrooms but i want actual feedback so yeah you can bully me in the cookie thread or in the discord if you want

thx, love yall (except arctic)


I have no basis for why I voted no I just like to watch the world burn


i would play on our subforum

why not just play on mu

It’s been a while since I’ve visited MU, but my latest memories are negative ones. I really don’t want to go back there after I got shadowkicked out of a big event.

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thats a fair question

from a hosting perspective i think hosting on MU is significantly easier and i prefer the software overall, although the latter point is mostly subjective minus like – if you randed a dayvig role and submitted your shot you might not have to wait for the host to wake up

i think a big part of it in the past was just that i feel like the “average” MU setup and “average” FoL setup were pretty different, i think this is less true now tho. so i guess itd kinda just come down to playing with a more familiar playerlist but on a different software. and maybe introduce you to a small handful of other people

[also, when i was a lee lad i was scared of playing there and maybe it could help someone who feels similar to past me]

but really it’s not for everyone which is why im trying to hear people out and such. if it seems to be a minority thing then id probably just ignore it bar very specific circumstances, if there’s interest i’d be willing to host a game now and then for it

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I once replaced into a game on Mafiascum and found it impossible to catch up. It was a hydra multiball game with ten total replacements TBF, but even so


i know the point behind it but
it feels like it more depends on “why not just… have foler’s invade a game” instead of taking up a slot in the queue for something that at least some amount of people who play here dont want to do
and besides that
some people here are very banned on mu


and for the people that are banned that just means they get 1 less game to have the chance to play in if they prefer this site, without a choice in the matter
that applies lesser to people that like being here, but if they dislike doing so its probably going to be the same ideal

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tbh i dont have much of an answer to that, if people wanna do that then all the power to them :stuck_out_tongue:

speaking as a non-moderator i actually do kind of agree with this not being super necessary. that’s maybe something that could be looked at again, in the past there was concerns of people using it to circumvent the queue but… literally nobody has actually tried to use it at all except me/geyde im p sure. so :wowee:

i think that concern still kinda exists (albeit our queue is short on vanilla games which is where modbot would excel in) but a middle ground probably exists

i dont think that should completely discount the option of the games existing, but id get why a few people might feel negatively towards the concept cause of this

i dont really envision a world where subforum games become as frequent as on site games but i’m just throwing the idea back at the wall and seeing how well it sticks

i appreciate the opinions tho


yeah about that


i took off my mod hat before i said that so it doesnt count :joy_cat:


personally i would like to host wild west fm 2 on the MU subforum

Playing on MU in any capacity assumes a degree of freedom that I fail to have.

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When CD fell i moved to FoL and M451 cause discourse
Pages hurt my insides


thats because youre not supposed to eat them beancat


it’s stress-eating from having to reload the page every time I want new posts

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average Chief Delphi champs rep


is this the schizo or nonschizo variant

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using the subforum would be essentially playing with all the same people here but just using a different software

you wouldn’t really need to interact with people who play on MU assuming the games are filled here