My perception of FoLer Movie Archetypes

Ooh, I like that more.

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I’m not supposed to do your job for you!

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i disagree
you’re too overprotective over the people you like, mainly your siblings, to take over non-chalantness over your deeds and waste your time doing so at a net loss to everyone instead of a net positive to someone

you’d have to be a comically bad villain to not do any harm and provide gain to at least one person that subsets the loss, the person being you
given your character
i think you’d do something else

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i am killua
(and dam, you remember that?)

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I don’t think I would make a great protagonist
Not sure I would be a good villian either

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I think Litten is our first antagonistic force, but I don’t think he’s the main villain. I think he’s the right hand, the dragon, a bully of sorts. Destroy him, Mr. Electric.

I think Litten is the childhood friend turned bitter in some way, or else he has some goal that runs contradictory to the protagonist’s plans. He’s either redeemed halfway through the story and instantly becomes less interesting as a result, or he rejects forgiveness until the end and dies to demonstrate that the heroes have been making progress.


You get it.

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I don’t think a right hand man works for me either

im about to utter the worst words i ever have but has anyone seen pokemon rusty

oh god memories have been unearthed

how did i pick the most awkward post to reply to entering the thread on accident?
please bury me

[in cement]

You were one to Leafia and May, though.

im pretty sure any character there could be given an fol counterpart

if it’s any consolation i’m still laughing about it

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that does help

Yes, but that is because I am loyal to a fault, not necessarily because they were evil


Anyway, wrong words.
Litten is played by the forces of evil but he thinks he’s one step ahead. He’s not.


It’s weird because I am more loyal to people I feel a connection with

Taking Rubi over me.

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