My perception of FoLer Movie Archetypes

I don’t think I have either

you guys are lame

i mean i wasn’t dating when i was 12. i consider this a positive that’s way too young

my cousin and i buried a random hole in my grandparent’s backyard without permission because somehow the objects around us were hinting us there was something there

[spoiler: there wasn’t much, but bugs]

preteens dating is different it’s not like. dating. youre right but yea

Interesting. I know that evil Bean has a spine underneath that fluff, so I kinda wanna play into that aspect of her character. She was broken into loyalty by the forces of darkness and now she has all these new cool powers. Most of the audience doesn’t remember her name by the end of the episode, even though she’s one of their favourite minor villains.

Bean is a character in an animated television show. She holds a personal grudge against the protagonist from early on, has a major position in the ending, lives and gets to keep her powers in a sequel if there’s one. She often works together with the main group, but she isn’t redeemed until after the show ends. Mainly because she doesn’t need to be delivered from evil.


With the power of friendship—


i guess it’s something going by don’t starve: hamlet

doesn’t that look appetizing?


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Hit me magnus

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that only works for good guys
either litten has to be a misunderstood villian and the others were the bad guys all along
or the protagonist gives them the friendship speech and they turn sides


but you can use those to make this:

One of my favourite antagonistic characters in a franchise has the ability to go through solid surfaces, fracturing it in the process. He dies after using it to dive through a person, which was a new ability that he had just figured out and it was really clever, except he used it on a zombie so it wasn’t affected.

This is Litten.


These are decent stats.

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I’m too cautious to die like that

the bugs aren’t actually that easy to come by, you flip over stones that have a chance of gives a plethora of other things
and you dont bother flipping stones often besides early to midgame

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litten will you become naruto speeched into becoming a good guy?

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I’m the type of guy to not allow a hammer in a rolemadness game if it would win us tbe game cuz who tf knows of town has some ability that could fuck stuff up

by late-game you have a ton of healing glands and food
thats not too big of an issue, i think

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