Need For Speed: Most Wanted SFM - TOWN VICTORIOUS

It was me saying Bean was town but they were voted for afk

Just to be safe.

VOTE: icet

good plan

?!? I thought you said I was town?

IceT is my preferred execute here btw


but could be swayed the other way

I’d rather we go Jake / Wiz

Lol just few minutes back you were defending jake

Wiz / Luce will flip scum. Luce has an item so they are unable to die today. I would rather go you but if people don’t want to Jake is not a loss.

I meant looking at creature and jake
but idk I’m unpredictable

why do you think this?

What do you guys think of this post?

Do you see a scum elsewhere? I don’t

Leafia was so chaotic once they knew they were caught that it’s messing with my head.

I read more into Wiz’s posts in response to Leafia’s
because Leafia was just pushing everywhere and asking everyone else to vote with them

7 minutes chop chop

Reminder: Just 5 minutes left for EoD. Someone break the tie

VOTE: Icet

@hazardwaste roleblock me / Wiz. If neither of us get elimmed then roleblock me