Need For Speed: Most Wanted SFM - TOWN VICTORIOUS

Yep, I broke the tie bc Tying is possibly wasting an execution here

uh huh

self-meta is unreliable

this is why Jake is townier lol

focus on event prizes is a little sus but it’s ok ig

uh huh


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VOTE: Icet

creature’s ISO is pretty self-focused

it’s probs a good vote

ignore me if Icet is mafia lol

im town

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IcetFeelsPain (4): JakeTheWolfie, WizKvothe, LuciferChaos, IcetFeelsPain
WizKvothe (1): Creature
Creature (1): Lemonfairy
JakeTheWolfie (1): Gorta

Not Voting (2): Hazardwaste, Garfooled

If there’s any error, please message me. Give me few moments to put on flip.

End of Day 4 story


“Everyone, I have good news and bad news to announce.” Says Rog the race organisator, you and among the other racers got their attention fixed to Rog and Mia.

“I have received a call from another city that are sponsoring our races in upcoming next year without worrying from the police, legal competition called Underground Racing League from Bayview.”

You have certainly heard of Bayview before and you were spectator from the previous URL competition back then.

“The bad news, is that one of the racers have been recently…killed by the police in the shootout last night, I am afraid it’s no longer possible to host any more races.” Said Rog with a sigh.

You crept a smile behind the crowd of the racers as they are getting flustered that no more races will be held

“As soon we figure out who done this, there will be hell to pay, You’ll see.” Said Mia.

The last prizes worth of twenty-five thousands bucks to the last two winners as everyone else goes to their merry way, you stepped inside black Lamborghini Gallardo, put in seatbelt, close the door, turn on the radio and start the engine. You have been wanting for some thrill that will certainly catch the police’s attention like the radar traps with ridiculous miles recorded, you found one on the far distance and step on the gas and accelerate fast as you can. You also realize you’re driving on the wrong side of the road which you will see cars driving from opposite direction you must avoid ramming head-on, you can see flashing from the backview window, success!

At the Police Department, you received new print from one of the radar traps placed around Rockport county, cross-referencing from registered car drivers that are on the list to be arrested, you find out Hector Domingo also known as ‘Ming’ is the one that violated one of many speed limit on the record.

“This is code 3 on suspect driving in black Lamborghini with gray decorations on Rockport Highway, send immediate federal agent interceptors on the chase, over.” Said Sergeant Cross on secured frequency.

Since you have violated the speed limit rule here, the highway is getting cleared from public cars that most likely receive an alert from the city’s police department to clear out to apprehend the suspect. That would be me, you thought. Soon enough, you see from the backview window flashing white, blue and red that the police are indeed going to chase after you, upon closer inspection these are Corvette police cars - Light, durable and a shit ton of them! A loud whirling sound can be also heard that an single helicopter is also chasing danger close to the Lamborghini that uses the landing gear to bump into the car with it’s mass of the helicopter. You certainly felt that, the police are absolutely pissed at you. You make sure to get away from the helicopter and take the turn right back into the city so you won’t get harrased by the helicopter, but the cars chasing behind you would be still a problem.

The one standing out of the crowd of Corvette police cars, is the black one out of the whites. You certainly recognize Sergeant Cross “Stop the vehicle or I ram your pathetic car into the asphalt.” Comes out from Cross’ Loudspeaker, of course you’re going to resist that. Unknown to you, the police have developed a secret weapon that will unleash EMP load on to your car that will shut down the electronica and sure enough, you felt the shock as the car is no longer able to respond and goes towards the pole of radar trap that you get become immobile with a bang, the corvette cars got you surrounded as several of them got out of their cars and draw their pistols aimed at the driving position’s seat. Looks like you got caught and you have no choice but to obey this time.

IcetFeelsPain drove too fast from radar trap

Hector “Ming” Domingo, Town Racer

This here is Ming, He prides himself on keeping his ride looking stock. He’s fast and shreds radar traps everywhere he can, He’s the straight goods. Word is he got his ride from some rich cat who talked when he should have been listening. Don’t take 'm on until you’re ready.

Ride: Lamborghini Gallardo (Sport)

Night 4 begins and ends within 24 hours, actions will be locked 1 hour before End of Night


Start of Day 5 story


The Rockport City has been a warzone between the Blacklist Racers and Police Department trying to capture the remaining racers, whilst the last remaining undercover agent is keeping their masquerade to stay low until numbers are low enough to act, it’s only unfortunate that Webster and Izzy aren’t there to help, you thought yourself. Ah well, when the time is right…they will come to aid.

The police cars are spread out all over Rockport, Camden Beach and Rosewood, racers usually with pairs trying to shake off the police using both aggressiveness and keeping distance from the chasing interceptors, some try to make use of environment like the huge donut by one of the diner buildings that can collapse the support pillars and cause the huge donut to crush those unfortunate cars and cause to be immobile, gas stations blown up while the racer cars somehow must have defied physics not their own cars blowing up, but the police cars sure do. It is after few hours of constant chasing that racers eventually won by attrition this night. The Police Department isn’t going to be out in the streets for while.

For Blacklist racers, this is a sign of relief but only for brief moment, they will be back with more numbers soon in the following day and someone is keep sending their hideouts back to the police department, they have to find the mole!

No one died this night

You Guys Ready? - GIPHY Clips

Day 5 starts and lasts for 48 hours


This also means skipping night phrases becomes a thing by Night 5

I knew last wolf would just no kill.

Hazard, did you target me or gar? If it’s me, the wolves clearly skipped the kill and framed me which I was concerned from yesterday. But ik noone will believe me so yeah you can vote for me or try to hunt down the actual wolf. I’m gonna sleep now

I mean the most logical thing for last wolf to do would be to just no kill.

Yeah, and that frames the person who is rbed but I hope hazard checked gar not me

Lol why do u guys think that the hosts stopped the item races?
Just so the last mafosi could no kill and never have to face this problem again.