Neopest Dedication Thread

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This thread is a shoutout to one of the best champs players this year, orangeandblack5 / TheAltInOurStars / ObviousAlt14. Boasting above a 75% winrate as Mafia, and a well over 50% overall winrate, players like orangeandblack5 are the reason deepwolf paranoia exists in the first place.

This year in Qualifier Game 4 he managed to completely fool the entire game and stomped the game into a final 3 lylo, where he and his wolfmate Ephemera were victorious.

Not only did he win his champs qualifier game, but he also progressed to the semi-finals with an outstanding 40 points! The coolest votes any single player had recieved so far this season. Orange is definitely a player to keep an eye out for in the semi-finals, he has the potential to be the next champion.

Champs isn’t the only time orangeandblack5 has shined as a player though. He has had several town stomps and mafia clutch wins in other games as well. He was one of the last living wolves in the incredibly townsided FoL Annual Mash, where his team managed to defeat both the town and the other neutral team. One of the strongest villagers in the Catgirl Bomb Nightless game. The list goes on!

Feel free to share your favorite experiences with orangeandblack5 below!


can we share our least favourite experiences


40 points got a player named Fext, which is not a name that you listed :face_in_clouds:

orange wasnt even in that game

gg i was capze

orange go fuck yourself


the best part is you can tell i didnt write that becuase it was posted at 10am and i went tobed at like 7am :joy_cat:

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maybe you should try a normal sleep schedule

maybe you should try not being cringe


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