Neopest Dedication Thread

Anne / Neopest Dedication Thread

This thread is a shoutout to one of the best champs players this year, Anne / Neopest / Foxfalls. Boasting above a 75% winrate as Mafia, and a well over 50% overall winrate, players like anne are the reason deepwolf paranoia exists in the first place.

This year in Qualifier Game 2 she managed to completely fool the entire game and stomped the game into a final 5 lylo, where she and her wolfmate Vernon were victorious.

Not only did she win her champs qualifier game, but she also progressed to the semi-finals with an outstanding 60 points! The most votes any single player had recieved so far this season. Anne is definitely a player to keep an eye out for in the semi-finals, she has the potential to be the next champion.

Champs isn’t the only time anne has shined as a player though. She has had several town stomps and mafia clutch wins in other games as well. She was one of the last living wolves in the incredibly townsided Pokemon Unova Mash, where her team managed to defeat both the town and the other mafia team. One of the strongest villagers in the Reflections on the Mountaintop game. The list goes on!

Feel free to share your favorite experiences with Anne below!


(I lost a bet)


Oogway, what happened to you!?

my favorite experiences with anne are all of the times i beat her in games because she is easy to beat and also bad at bets (you’re just worse at them)

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ur just mad anne’s gonna be the next champion without even having to try as hard as you


Point of order: it was actually a final 7 LyLo, and the only Mafia sweep so far this season.


for some reason i thought the third mafia died

anne goat

So like, games 2 and 3 were said to be the most stacked.
With 6 games finished, so far, game 3 was the only town win and game 2 was the only mafia sweep. Well played wolves of game 2 :+1:

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Read this as Neopets Dedication Thread, way less hype


neopets are pretty kawaii tho right @neopest

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mods, can we get this user banned for harassment? i swear they’re obsessed with me lol


on it


on it



more like neoPEST!



I’ve never played with Anne, I literally just know her from MU specchat and even I can tell she’s got a good sense of humour, she’s generally nice to people, has great insight in the game and is not afraid to take risks. Case in point: making a bet for a dedication thread when you know full well half the posters are just going to take it as an excuse to make fun of you.

And all those people implying she got an easy game because of her wolf rand are the same type that goes “my kid could do that” when seeing a Picasso. Just because Venus Williams wins a lot of her matches doesn’t mean she doesn’t sweat while doing so. bro what


counterpoint Anne has committed war crimes in Serbia in 1998

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That was not her fault, she was being mind controlled by the Plutonians, remember? That’s why we nuked their planet.

war crimes do not beget war crimes

blood only begets blood