Nicknames in tagging users.

The main idea is that instead of posting @JakeTheWolfie to get my attention, you could just use the shortform @Jake that most people would call me anyway.
Other notable examples include Eliza, Silivu, and YBW.
I think it just makes posts slightly more readable.

and also so that I can do jan @Maje o

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you can type @Jake
press enter
and have it send to the full name

i had to manually unfill it

I mean, yeah, but I don’t really think that looks nice, especially in a post where “Jake” is written at least 12 times with only one of them being a tag.

Also, I’m on mobile which is not jank at all :+1:

i did that on mobile


wait its only for @Jaket

this sucks

actually its not it just works super dumb

why do you need to put a message first for it to work correctly

I’m not sure if this is possible to implement on Discourse

@Chloe ?

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hey thats me

This would break the site if any random nickname can ping a person.

Well, it wouldn’t “literally” break the site, but it would be annoying.

(ofc dont know if this would be possible) but maybe an optional setting where users can set like “optional pings” that people can use for them? (for example, I would like set both @YBW and @worse to ping me, but those would be the only two options)

idk how possible any of this stuff is but that how i would imagine it as a feature and i think it would be pretty useful

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IDK. It may sound good for some people, but not for me. I prefer full names over nicknames.

This community’s size may be small enough where every username is unique, but in cases where there are people with similar usernames e.g. Marluxion and Marluna, I would very much like to not get any more confused than I already am whenever someone calls @Marl.

On top of my preference and confusion, I also hate being called @Zone. The Q11 part is literally what distinguishes me from other Zones. Even if you have never seen any other Zones, I have and I don’t necessarily like being grouped up with them.


Yeah, thisbis basically whatbI was thinking. It would be a feature which you have to opt into. No one could force Zone to make the Nick-Tag @Zone even if that’s what everyone calls them.

It’s possible. I doubt it’s possible with a plug-and-play addon, and you’d have to go to the very core of Discourse to do it, but I think it’s possible

You’d have to add the ability to associate multiple usernames into the Discourse database, also integrate those names into the “this name is already taken” signup check, make them invisible whenever you get a list of names (i.e when searching for online users to avoid spam), change how the notification handler works so that it first questions if the name is a nickname and if so refer to the main username and send a notification there…

seems like a lot of work for something niche

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There is a Display Name™ feature in Discourse but its just that, a display name

You still ping them by their username

(For example orange used display names in his invitational to make Drek’ar have an apostrophe, but when you ping them its @Drekar)

There’s no easy way to add tagging by nickname or acronym (except by using the autofill thing like Atlas mentioned) and i don’t really wanna change stuff that could break the site attempting


I don’t plan on making display names available to everyone but it could serve a purpose in specific scenarios like the Drek’ar example, or perhaps for systems to show who is fronting

So yea the nickname thing isnt gunna happen, sorry


Why didn’t you use display names for host accounts before the change?