nightingale's art + lore dump abt the world presented in botf xii


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Overview + Entry 1 - Phebe Desmalin (idk why you would ever click this link but)
Entry 2 - Renee Varaie + Sidenote - Aspects of Azrael
Entry 3 - Orlando Seigneur

Entry 1 - Phebe Desmalin

Name – Phebe Desmalin
Age – 16
Pronouns – She/They
Affiliation(s) – Cult of Azrael Manium (a specific aspect of Azrael)
Codename – Domitiana
Cultist Species – Not sure, probably some sort of generic canid but with horns
Status (at Beginning) – Attends the general school in Roslenburg, has some amount of swordfighting experience, and practices sparring regularly with Camelia. Has no income and lives with (and off) her uncle, Jacques.
Backstory – Comes from the Desmalin family, a somewhat wealthy family from the southwest of the kingdom. Moved to Roslenberg somewhat recently (a year?) with her uncle when her parents went to fight in the war in the north. Her uncle harbored a hatred for his older brother, and doesn’t have the best relationship with her. She wished for a better life, and Liana provided a means.
Magic – Somewhat, but unpredictable. Has been learning mostly with Renee, the one of the 3 leaders of the cult that she knows best, as they both go to the school. Her magic is fueled by her desperation.


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i find it really cool how all the art and all these characters have so much lore behind them!

I was actually talking to a friend the other day about this botc game on my mafia site and how cool I thought all the art and lore was, so this is really cool to see again


zori is very talented :green_heart:


Entry 2 - Renee Varaie

Name – Renee Varaie
Age – 19
Pronouns – She/Her
Affiliation(s) – Cult of Azrael Manium, Cerramon University
Codename – Aurelia
Cultist Species – Another generic canid with a horn
Status (at Beginning) – Lives on her own, works a job delivering letters and notices for the Blackrose family. Attends the Roslenberg general school during her somewhat sporadic free time, and spends the rest of it studying the occult. One of the 3 leaders of the Cult of Azrael Manium.
Backstory – She was the son of a family of blacksmiths from Roslenberg, and lived there until she was 12, when she ran away from her family and their oppresive hopes for her to carry on the family smithing tradition. She made a long journey on her own south-west outside the borders of the kingdom to the city of Cerramon to go to the fabled university of magic there (since the teaching of magic was banned inside the kingdom itself). She showed up broke and snuck into the university to learn, until she was discovered and financed by Liana Segretto, becoming an actual student there. After a few (four?) years, she moved back to Roslenberg with Liana for the purposes of the cult: her family had moved elsewhere in the meantime.
Magic – Strong, on par with most of the kingdom’s nobility. Has been studying the occult for as long as she knew about it. Her magic is in-line with the domain of Azrael Animorum, rather than Azrael Manium: she accepts Liana’s vision and leadership and is accepting of playing on the sidelines.


Sidenote – Aspects of Azrael

Azrael – A deity of transitions governing souls. Their magic and discipline is not commonly studied: in the kingdom, all study of magic favors Costaz, the deity favored and channeled by the King himself.

Azrael Manium – The aspect of Azrael governing death as a specific transitioning of souls. Can range from harming living souls and killing (cf. Orlando), to communing with dead souls (cf. Acheron), to giving the souls of the dead corporeal form (cf. Liana) or even, in the most powerful cases, destroying the barrier between living worlds and dead worlds (believe it or not, this is a plot point).

Azrael Animorum – The aspect of Azrael governing the manipulation of living souls. Can take the from of enhancement (cf. Prezzie), hexes (cf. Caius), or more controlled manipulation of somebody’s physical form through their soul (cf. Renee). These usually have a transformative aspect, due to the effects being achieved by imparting aspects of the souls of other living beings onto the soul of the target.

((This is the flavor-reason why I force-randed Renee as the Pit-Hag. If the demon were something like a Vigormortis, Liana would be an appropriate flavor pick.))


what’s the lore of my character (revenant iirc)


ya orlando

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Entry 3 - Orlando Seigneur

Name – Orlando Seigneur
Age – 16
Pronouns – He/They
Affiliation(s) – Cult of Azrael Manium, House Seigneur (formerly)
Codename – Caracalla
Cultist Species – Dragon
Status (at Beginning) – Lives in a hut in the woods outside of Roslenburg with his brother, Oliver. Attends the Roslenberg general school most of the time. Has no income: he and his brother live off food from Liana for Orlando’s cult membership.
Backstory – House Seigneur was one of the 5 minor houses in the south of the kingdom, swearing fealty to Duke Blackrose (currently, Frederic), and was seated traditionally out of Roslenburg. His father, Rowland, was obsessed with the greatness of house Seigneur, and Orlando was never good enough at acting like nobility. When he was 13, House Blackrose moved out of their previous seat in Marianales to Roslenburg at the order of the King and he met Cecilia: together, they did things like petty shoplifting. He was aware of the cult and Oliver’s plans to assassinate Rowland, and during the fallout decided to shelter and take care of his brother instead of making a bid for the head of House Seigneur. He took his brother’s codename, Caracalla, and joined the cult in his place.
Magic – Somewhat. Has been learning from the 3 cult leaders as part of his dedication. His magic is fueled by his bitter resentment towards people who profit off not helping others, and especially Frederic Blackrose.


to answer the not super important political question
House Seigneur practically collapsed with Rowland’s assassination, and their assets and land were seized by the Blackrose Family (this happened since neither heir made a bid to to become head of the house) who now control the areas around Marianales and Roslenburg
When a new coming-up lower house makes a power bid, some of that land will likely be sold by the Blackrose family to them
This is one way the Blackrose family remains rich and nobility