Speaking of the devil.

I mean my poe is always just “anyone i don’t town read”

Neon it’s like you’re playing duck duck GOOSE and stopped at me and it’s like I’m meant to chase you right now



Silviu is naked town so is Nuto.

@Whysper has subbed in for Frostwolf103.

Yadda yadda yadda. Do not talk about this.

VOTE: Frostwolf

Kill the frozen wolf

Hello all :ayaya:

Wow timing

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Actually that’s good you unvoted here cause I was suspecting you as mafia for this vote. :ayaya: Silviu does look like town just from my quick skim.

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There’s 4 hours left and we gave nothing… this is great.


Oh, I think votes got reset

Votecount as of post #1134

Silviu200530 (1): Jarek
Neon (1): Magnus
Magnus (1): Prisma101
Lemonfairy (1): ElizaThePsycho
Dum (1): Lemonfairy
ElizaThePsycho (1): Marluna

Not Voting (8): Whysper, BradLand, Gorta, May, Silviu200530, Dum, crazynuto, Neon

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For clarity

I voted Silviu and stayed on them to see exclusively as a reaction test i never scum read them

You don’t have to believe me but Silviu has a style i struggle to read i find that in my albeit limited experience with them I found them as town when they were being pressured and so i fabricated that here. Basically Silviu is my top town based on reaction


Yeah, pretty cool. :ayaya:

Before the votes were reset, it looked like there were a bunch of vanity wagons?

Okay, good to know. And yeah, Silviu can be difficult to read. And from what I’ve seen, has changed quite a bit over time. Gotten more active.

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I think I saw that Jarek voted Silviu for something involving a claim, possibly a joke

You planned that didn’t you

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