Owl House FM - Town wins!

I can see it, but a majority of these players were still town and therefore uninformed. When Multiverse died over Guava, no such agenda could’ve really been pushed beyond basic self-preservation.

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Agree that is the case with IcetFeelsPain, I have counter argument why Ice is evil and that was proven correct

It took some mech clear to get off me :sob:


mech heavy games literally do not compute in my head

like yea i have fun but



Its more fun to figure out socially

Man ive been trting to find a good gif of thia, thanks


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I literally just

Looked it up in google

I never die N1 it was a new experience!!

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u can be honest its cause hes a catboy

Nah, I thought wolf!Guava would have played better

I overestimated how good the wolves were


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It do be like that

Dying n1 always wack

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no yeah I should have simply known that Zorvo would be able to protect himself

no that makes me scum

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this site always has a scum catfolk cuz of the amount of catfolk (don’t fact check this)


I meant d1

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I visited Zorvo day 1?

Ah yayaya, I see.

Yeah and I pointed out how Guava had no choice but to vote for Gummy there. It was that or die.