[PAC] Dead Chat

honestly i have no idea who the last is after misty

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Nah, I was always shooting Hippo

blade deleted his triple vote then started voting hippo :stare:

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It’s why I said in thread that I’m going to slow down my posting

Moon flipping V made me not want to shoot him slightly but then I stuck with it

I found a pingu gif of dynamite to post at exactly 00:59 but decided it was too bait so switched it to a normal noot noot gif


okay in hindsight killing me makes sense since i was onto marshal alana and hippo
and the other 2 wolves haven’t even flipped yet


The town lives

WOOOOOO @Wazza you’re my favorite

Thank god

I’ve never been happier to see a player die sorry hippo


Marl im so sorry for attempting to stop ur tunnel on mist

this is tmi

has blade gotten any townier

his alignment is still the same as at the start of the game, so no


that’s what someone who put conversion in would want us to think

lol at Moonwink clearing Hippo for me asking about Nya stuff when it was actually an attempt to bait more Nya’s, can finally mention this now that Hippo flipped


@Moonwink i don’t know if you saw this, but consider this a signal boost. i’m really sorry for how i made you feel this game

How many ppl didn’t say nya?

four iirc

(btw I deleted the picture of the sheet because apparently chloe counted and figured out who the scum were from the names not on the sheet and then arctic and fire also looked because of course they did)


what orange is saying is that he’s a nerd

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I’m an orange translator hit me up if you ever need help translating his posts

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