[PAC] Dead Chat

If you’re reading this, you have died!

Feel free to chat with other dead players here, but still don’t talk about the game anywhere, publicly or privately, that is not sanctioned by the hosts. If you would like access to spoiled dead chat, simply let us know and we’ll add you. Thanks for playing!




you a player?

oh wait maybe you aren’t allowed to talk

since likes are off

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I’m just going to assume you are and keep posting, I guess?

and if you’re a wolf or not a player then oh well, I haven’t lost anything

(not right now though I have an essay)

oh wait they aren’t off I just thought they were because I didn’t have a like button on my own posts


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anyways the actual reason I came back here is to say that Moonwink said they’d switch to Marshal if nutella did, and nutella did, and Moonwink didn’t switch

which is maybe suspicious


if you’re a person but can’t talk in DVC, ping me at some point tomorrow and include the word “truthseeking” (that exact word) in your quote

I figure that should be both easy to do and unlikely for someone to randomly do by accident

idk if this is a good read but nutella going from – feeling like she Should kill me for game theory/emotional reasons to overriding that because I was villagery feels pretty townie

Squirrel could maybe be a wolf but I don’t think so



Illwei is probably a town and I don’t think I said that while I was alive

Sorry @arete I was going to tunnel marshall and it was 100% my fault

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it’s okay

min’s claim sounds pretty fake

I changed my reads quite a lot overnight

Marshall nutella windward downgraded

I kinda thought nut’s EoD was townie

although she’s poisoned so like

she’s dying regardless

I mean I thought her paranoia on me was towny but other than that I hadn’t scrutinised enough so that would’ve been a huge part of my mission given I’d just no thought lunch marshall

kiiinda think Marl/Vul W/LW could be a world

especially if Marshal V?