Pandora's Evil Playlist

stealing the concept from Story.
I like listening to music. send me albums. I’ll listen to them. I’ll put the best songs in an evil playlist. for being evil to. yayy?

playlist: Spotify

im not sending you an album. you cant stop me

not an album



i keep on forgetting to do mine

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ill listen too we’ll have a great time

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its said people bond more in the presence of fear. we will become best friends by the end of this


story i think this song killed my speakers

its plundered almost exclusively from rick astleys never gonna give you up
play at a low volume!

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Have my ENTIRE playlist. Cope

maybe this time i can make someone listen to el horso

Are you allowing yourself to stop listening

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Fun fact: this is the only Album I’ve seen performed live front to back

So the songs have to be evil?

the somgs do not hVe to be evil

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i will listen to the new submissions tmrw and add them to the playlist if they’re on spotify

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For Vibes:
The Black Keys - El Camino

Evil I Guess:
Portugal. The Man - Evil Friends

Vibes is probably poor word choice
I mean I’d vibe to it
But it’s not Lo-fi/Chill music