Play at your own risk [?KRC] (16/inf)

Play at your own risk #1 [?KRC]

Brought to you by: @Dum and @ElizaThePsycho

also, @Atlas hacked in last moment becayse why not

also, @Zorvo is back


The Setup:

Any Random
Ad Infinitum

Signed Up Players: 16

Full List

1 - @JakeTheWolfie
2 - @Hazardwaste
3 - @CRichardFortressLies
4 - @Magnus
5 - @guavagudetama
6 - @YoubutWorse
7 - @Garfooled
8 - @crazynuto
9 - @Jaiden
10 - @Zenon
11 - @May
12 - @iamagummybear
13 - @Marluna
14 - @Arogame123
15 - @min
16 - @Gorta



1 - @nightingale - Informed
2 - @Silviu200530 - Informed
3 -

A brief explanation:

Any player insane enough to /in this game, must privately DM the host a rolecard. This role can be anything, it can do anything. Your only limit is your own imagination, and the fact your rolecard must be alignment agnostic (meaning any alignment must be able to use it). Upon the game starting, roles will be randed in such a way no player can rand the role they themselves submitted.

All roles submitted may be changed by the hosts for balance before the game starts. If you want to avoid changes to your role, please workshop it with the host in the pre-rand phase.
If your role is modified you will not be informed.

The Rules

  • RULE 1 OF ?KRC, MUST READ: Under no circumstances are you to discuss submitted roles or any part of the submission process in any chat, be it the thread, a factional chat, or a neighborhood. The only place you may discuss the role you (or someone else) submitted is in your role PM with the host. Softing mechanics, names, abilities, etc of the role you submitted is an instant modkill. You are allowed to paraphase the role you receive, but not copy and paste. You can copy and paste the feedback given. This rule is in effect during the entire game (yes, including the pre-game and signups.)

  • 2: Roles submitted must be alignment agnostic. This means any alignment must be able to use their abilities. So something like “town compulsive desperado” is not allowed, while something like “compulsive vigilante” is.

  • 3: Submitted roles may (and probably will) be altered for balance. The hosts will attempt to keep changes to a minimum. If you would like to keep your role as unaltered as possible, please workshop it with us when submitting. If your role is altered for balance you will not be notified.

  • 4: Keep in mind someone has to use the thing you made. NO ONE wants to be a citizen. Citizens are vanilla, this game is not.

  • 5: Keep in mind someone has to be on the receiving end of what you make and it could even be you. So don’t submit crap that can make a game boring for the unsuspecting victim. This means no roles that silence someone for an entire phase, or put them under some generic post restriction. We may, however, allow roles that bring in some novel restriction to the table. Amuse us.

  • 6: Roles with “sharp” mechanics (like jester mechanics, vote manipulation, high use or infinite kill power, etc) should probably be workshopped with the host, as they are very likely to require balance adjustments.

  • 7: Be creative. This is a unique opportunity to come up with the most stupid, silly, or downright overpowered roles you could ever imagine. Don’t underestimate naming. Something like “compulsive desperado” sounds way more boring than something like “Drunk cowboy with a superiority complex and a .50 magnum”.

  • 8: Roles clearly ripped off from previous games or GI threads will not be allowed. Be creative.

  • 9: You may copy paste your action feedback. Copy pasting any other host feedback is forbidden unless explicitly allowed by the host or your role.

  • 10: Post minimum is 20 game related posts per phase

  • 11: There will be no in-game subs, only mod kills.

Booooring stuff

  • SoD/EoD: 12:00 UTC+0 (this is in the 24h format)

  • Phase lengths: 48/24

  • Sign up closes: 3 days after reaching 16 players

  • Role submission deadline: 3 days after sign ups closes. (meaning 6 days after 16 players)

  • Voting: Plurality, the hammer is enabled from day 1.

  • Order Of Operations: Will be posted at SoD1. You may read into it at your own risk.

  • Xylo is not announced.

  • Upon death, both the player’s current role and submitted role will be flipped. The submitted role flip will be the post host modifications version and will not include an alignment. Their received role flips as normal.

  • I’m obligated to inform you there is an uninformed majority called the town and at least one anti town faction (meaning town cannot win with this faction alive).

  • The anti-town faction will have a factional kill. it is optional unless there was a no-exe the previous day. It is assigned, and may be performed alongside other actions.


Q: Can we trust the hosts?
A: We will never knowingly lie to you unless forced to do so by a role.

Q: Will I be informed if the role I received was modified for balance?
A: No.

Q: Is this game bastard?
A: While the hosts will never lie to you for their own amusement, or do any sort of trolling, due to the nature of the roles and mechanics possibly involved, yes, it is bastard.

Q: Can my rolecard lie about my alignment?
A: No.

Q: Are alts allowed?
A: Yes, but per site rules you must inform us of your real identity.

Q: Are hydras allowed?
A: Yes, but only two players in each one.

Q: I don’t know what role to make!
A: Check out the previous submissions hall of fame (thanks lumi)


Originally invented and hosted by Stealthbomber16 on Sc2 mafia. Yes I asked permission.
Their game:

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Lots of FoLers got HoF placements from the one I just ran! I updated the linked HoF to include those submissions


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