Play at your own risk [?KRC] (16/inf)

"In the unlikely event I ever become head of a monarchy, my first order of business will be to promote the court jester to constable. Then I’ll call him into my throne room and say: ‘All right, Atlas, I want you to tell me what’s going on in the castle. Care for a treat before we begin? I think I have a plate of banana bread around here someplace.’

‘Lower left drawer of your desk,’ Atlas will reply, 'Right behind your bag of Smith’s salt and vinegar potato chips. You have excellent taste, minister.”


Wait I slipped the copypasta. Noo.

Atlas is doing the thing teachers do when they make a mistake in their solution and say it was intentional to see if anyone was paying attention and noticed


me as a teacher and you all as children would make sense


also since someone forgot to include it
im putting spectators in the op wherever i can fit it
so just inform us if you want to spectate

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Would you happen to have an estimated start time for this game?

I am suppose to be co hosting a Dum threw me away like chop liver.

he says, getting added to the hosting team when he asked

im messing
zorvo’s helping co-host, as originally planned

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You ignored my question.

skill issue

I know, right? Surely you’ll correct the skill issue of your colleagues by giving me an answer.

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when it passes reveiw

should’ve known telepathy, dummy
major issue in skill

fortune telling could help too

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I asked if you had an estimation of when the game would start, meaning “when do you think it’ll pass review, generally?”

“In a few days” would make me happy.

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i have no idea

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in like
2-4 days i suppose

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Telepathy is like a cellphone. It only works if the other person also has telepathy.
So it’s your fault.

the only reason you think i dont have telepathy is because im telepathically telling you that

You have a knock off telepathy, and I have a major in parapsychology (came with regular psychology, trust).


Sixty hours later.