Poor Approximations of Catgirls - Thread 1

ngl think you hitting cap was really villagery
thats probably dumb but

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oh btw @Chloe
why should we trust you

ok can anyone else tell me why I am town
jesus christ people

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read my posts lol

No no, idc about that
What’s your motivation here

I mothered a mafinya member. If only Roe v Wade wasn’t overturned



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That is a post!

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Are you trying to get me to waste posts? This questioning is like extremely useless and I don’t understand what you expect me to say that would be AI lol - “im town” ?

Read what I’ve written
Figure out my motivations yourself

Chleb read things now

if there’s an arso it’s probably hippo

this read only applies if we’re actually in mylo


I rarely say this but I probably should have thought that one over just a little bit more

again i knew i was at post cap lol, I just got the reset time wrong
that’s what i started talking

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I think the SoD post was just not announced
Someone who isn’t in bed should go through the list of players to see if any are missing in the massping from yesterday

We’re missing my SoD announcement, were missing the poison from yesterday, we’re missing Chloe joining the game, we’re missing the spec chat shit, we didn’t even get an EoD time.

So it’s possible when we hammer we’re gonna get an extra flip from the poison

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So definitely do not hammer until everyone has checked in


This interests me! More detail is requested

good work detectives. cracked da fucking case
beep boop meep morp


Did Vulgard know the mafia’s roles

Chloe joining and thunderdoming Marissa super fucking towny for Chloe tbh

why would i be arso

just cuz my takes are fire smh