Popcorn - Turboer Edition (Mafia wins)

Anyway yeah you give people who will be obvtown the gun Eliza will not be obvtown

If you think Eliza’s 100% gonna get shot during the game (I think this) then you essentially take away a misfire from yourself

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Magnus is towny for realising this

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YBW also vaguely towny because she’s probably too smart to give it to Eliza

What if it’s Bionic/Ash

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tbf I think i cuold see myself giving it to eliza with the idea of “she probably wont actually care that much and would be easy to influence into shooting the person I want to be shot”

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Okay towny af mindmeld bc I ltierally thought the same thing after glacning at the playerlist lmao

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I’ve decided since I call wolves every time I just close my eyes and point to a team I’m gonna keep doing that. Bionic/Ash lock it in

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Minus exacrly one townpoijt for this post no more

No less

It doesn’t sound correct or right

But you have like 4 townpoints so it’s fine

Plus one for the speculation about giving Eliza the gun



Tutuu is polarised and can’t send mail in the post.

I would have named YBW and Tutuu as players alongside May who would know better than to give the gun to Eliza, but I didn’t want to group people as “smart” or “not smart”, and YBW would’ve been my primary gun candidate and I can see a scenario where Tutuu might give Eliza the gun for fun so I was reserved on those names.


I keep going “oh I should ask Zug about his reads before I place a vote“ cause I was just hydra on wrongboy but there’s no Zug in this game and also no votes

I probably would’ve givsn YBW the gun yeah she’s reasonably findable as town

Why Eliza why Eliza