Popcorn - Turboer Edition (Mafia wins)

Popcorny Mafia

Hosted by @Atlas
Co-hosted by @Arctic (more is fine)
OP ““borrowed”” from Garfooled

Popcorn Mafia is an open setup created by Elmo and tweaked by Rainbowdash and Plessiez.
Setup found here


  • Follow the Forum Game Rules.
  • Zero-posting for 14 hours and not meeting the minimum 10 game-related posts every 48 hours will lead to a replacement.

General Mechanics:

  • Before the game starts, mafia must elect a townie to be the gunbearer.
  • That player has until deadline runs out to shoot another player.
  • If the gunbearer does not shoot by deadline, they die and the mafia pick a new gunbearer.
  • If the gunbearer hits mafia, they keep the gun. If the gunbearer hits town, the gunbearer dies and the targeted townie becomes the new gunbearer.
  • The gunbearer is always announced and confirmed as innocent.
  • The gunbearer can shoot publically by pinging the hosts along with “/shoot [@player]”
  • This game is nightless.
  • Deadline is 24 hours.
  • If the game takes more then 48h, town loses.


Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Mafia Goon
Mafia Goon


  1. ElizaThePsycho - Misfired Shot 1
  2. tutuu - Shot by Magnus Shot 2
  3. YoubutWorse - Lost to Plurality
  4. May
  5. Ash - Misfired Shot 5
  6. Magnus - Misfired Shot 3
  7. Bionic - Misfired Shot 4


  1. @Litten

the game has not begun
please dont speak

N0 Begins and ends at


this has been altered to better suit the games pacing

Is game open :pleading_face:

Wait I read the deadline wrong



“Where the hell is Riggs!”

@ElizaThePsycho is your gunbearer, and is confirmed to be town.

you have 48h

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who up turboing they popcorn

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no one it seems

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man its like its midnight or smthn

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Don’t shoot me and you have a 40% chance of sniping an evil off the cuff. Then a 25% for the second evil, equalling a combined 10%.

The odds are not on your side, Eliza. You might die on these hallowed grounds when that gun backfires and spits an iron slug through your chest; but your death will have meaning nonetheless. Shoot YBW because she’s breaking curfew or something, I dunno. It’d be funny.

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i am playing overwatch 2 rn so i do deserve it


When you get replaced after the game already ended.

Eliza getting the gun makes me think May is town, since I think w!May would know the strategy behind giving a more independent and/or less likely to give a potential misfire player a gun. Aside from that, ehh.


I would’ve given the gun to tutuu hecause tutuu is polarised and can’t post

this is provably not true tho

Tutuu is polarised and can’t post

tutuu kinda schmooved in their last wolfgame

did u see their towncase, was fire

What game I didn’t read it. Tutuu is polarised and can’t post

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Do not show me the game