Popcorny Mafia - Signups (11/11) Accepting Specs and Back-ups

Popcorny Mafia

Hosted by @Garfooled
Co-hosted by @May and @Hazardwaste
Reviewed by @Arete

Popcorn Mafia is an open setup created by Elmo and tweaked by Rainbowdash and Plessiez.
Setup found here


  • Follow the Forum Game Rules.
  • Zero-posting for 24 hours and not meeting the minimum 10 game-related posts every 48 hours will lead to a replacement.

General Mechanics:

  • Before the game starts, mafia must elect a townie to be the gunbearer.
  • That player has until deadline runs out to shoot another player.
  • If the gunbearer does not shoot by deadline, they die and the mafia pick a new gunbearer.
  • If the gunbearer hits mafia, they keep the gun. If the gunbearer hits town, the gunbearer dies and the targeted townie becomes the new gunbearer.
  • The gunbearer is always announced and confirmed as innocent.
  • The gunbearer can shoot publically by pinging the hosts along with “/shoot [@player]”
  • This game is nightless.
  • Deadline is 24 hours.


Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Mafia Goon
Mafia Goon
Mafia Goon
Mafia Goon

Flavorless Rolecards:

You are:

Webber, Vanilla Town
Win condition: You win when all the mafia members are dead.

You are:

Wes, Mafia Goon
Win condition: You win when the number of living mafia members is equal to or more than the number of living town.

1. @catbae
2. @Madeline
3. @YoubutWorse
4. @Litten
5. @Achromatic
6. @Kiiruma
7. @Magnus
8. @crazynuto
9. @IcetFeelsPain
10. @lol
11. @Corrupted_Dreamer

1. @Silviu200530
2. @ElizaThePsycho
3. @sulit

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Everyone clap and cheer we’re the best hosts ever and we know what we’re doing yaaaaay



Are there still regular executions or nah?

Just a shiny gun that whispers “shoot me”

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heck why not





Would a new gunbearer on the same day have to shoot as well?

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Each player that becomes the gunbearer (whichever way it happens) gets to shoot with a deadline

But is there a new deadline each time? Or could someone be given the gun and forced to shoot within ten minutes?

The timer resets. They have another 24 hours to shoot.


If I join I’m going to be Mafia because May isn’t playing. That’s just how it works.


We don’t make the rules…
Wait we do

What do you mean? I’m a player in this game. I’m just bulletproof and informed, and my win condition is to not do any moderrors


nah i balance it out. dw dw

We have also been on the same team each game.

hmm yeah fair enough

What’s your hydra policy?

Great question which probably has an amazing answer


Which i don’t know

Every 11P game of this has ended in a Town victory. I’d be doomed.

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