Potential Test Turbo

Second Setup Choice: Who’s the Mafia?

The game has The Operator Which is a Mafia role that is the only one who knows their mafia.
They will know who Mafia is but the mafia will think their town as they received a Town rolecard.
Each night the operator can target someone to kill.

If All Mafia Members are eliminated, Town Wins. If Mafia reaches majority at any point, They win.
Mafia will appear as Mafia only through death or investigation checks.
If the Operator dies another mafia member becomes the new Operator.

Third Setup Choice: Closed. Nothing is known about this setup, it is a mystery but it is role madness.

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Fourth Setup Choice: Farmer Says

There is no Night Phases.
The Mafia have no night killing.
After the Day Phase the Farmer chooses a player to get rid of and they will die.
Farmer is Aligned with TownIf the Farmer gets lynched, Town auto loses.

At any point if Mafia gets majority they win. (This includes 1v1 and 2v2)
The Shepard is a Vanilla Townie that knows the Farmer’s identity and appears as a Mafia Goon if they die.

The rest remaining roles are Vanilla. (VT and Goons)

can i vote for none of the above

Last Setup Choice: My Secret Vote

You may only vote once per day and your vote is done privately through your Rolecard.
Town have only Vanilla Townies and One Merchant.

Mafia have 1 to 2 Goons and one of Mind Reader (can see votes) or Brain Controller (Can force town members target to be automatically executed, different town member each day though.)

You can perform each per night, cannot give the same item to the same target.
Give someone a gun with zero to one bullet
Give someone an item that gives them an extra vote
Give someone an item that allows them to target a player and know if there were votes for that player or not.

If you wish to do that you can leave your own suggestion of what you would prefer.

So like…
Is anyone on other than Katze?
Katze is the only person who has spoken.

im about to sleep so i cant give extended feedback

but in my experience the more complex a forum turbo the more the mechanics kinda get underutilized/ignored because theres not a ton of time to digest them. sometimes thats intentional (dethy, for example) but i dont think that was popular ~anywhere

if i were to host a turbo itd probably be a fairly vanilla open game with 1-2 PRs or like, a matrix game (eg JK9)

or i make something up on the fly if the playercount was weird

but thats all just my opinion ofc

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What if I just did roles from the Grand Idea thread into a turbo?

oh yeah GI turbos exist

not my cup of tea but i know theres some demand for them sometimes

I also take it no one wants to do the turbo?

I can always do it next weekend, probably on the Saturday.

Isn’t there a Katze role in there?
There’s gotta be yeah? Lol.

hey sorry

I mean I only got 30 mins left and your the only one here so.

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Feel like I should do more showcasing for next time.
I’ll try and do the turbo this Saturday and try and get some people to join it.

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closed turbo sounds fun

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When lol

Oh itsss now

I’ll do it next Saturday.

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