Potential Test Turbo

Hosting a Turbo in 4 hours.
If I get enough players I can start.
Looking for at least 10.
If I get lowered I could test something else that’s requires smaller amount which I have an idea.

What’s the setup?

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I have lots of stuff.
There is allot of things I can do.
I kinda want to have an idea of who’s on at the time and what I want tested that would work well.

I’ll tell you, over the 7 years of me playing mafia, I’ve had so many setup ideas and only hosted 2% of them.

skill issue

Yeah basically.

I’m either being banned non host related or being hit host related/messing up my hosting game and it not going the way I initially planned.

wait what i was joking-


I wanted to host a game on TOS, Banned.
I wanted to host a game on Mafia Scum, Temp Ban.
I wanted to host a game on Mafia Universe, Banned.
I wanted to host a game on SC2Mafia, Never enough sign ups.

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The only time I managed to host a game was either on my discord, on this one non FM fourm site (which a user playing in the game got banned from the site from actions in the game.) and Mafia451 (Where I actually got Chuck to play FM for the first time only for him to Ghost me a couple years later.

I did host on Syndicate I think once however before being banned and that Is one site I don’t regret my statement.
I also hosted on MafiaScum once.

This was after my Temp Ban.

I am on thicc ice on that site though.

I am literally going into my notepads and finding so many random FM setups I’ve made over the years and I even made a Turbo one. :laughing:

I might just give you guys a vote tbh.
Like have you guys choose between 5 options.

in. sure

You should join anarchic anything can be hosted there

You were in the old server

do NOT invite zorvo to anarchic

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I see how it is.
I didn’t plan to go but I see your opinion on me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyways, who’s here for my Turbo?

First Setup Choice: Find My Alignment

2 or 3 Town Converters
1 or 2 Mafia Converters
4 to 8 Unaligned

Unaligned must be aligned at the end of the game.
If all mafia are eliminated, Town win
If all Town are eliminated, Mafia win
All unaligned are Power Roles

Town converts unaligned only
Town will fail to convert town
Town will kill mafia instead of convert

Mafia can only have 4 members at a time
Mafia cannot convert town
Mafia share a chat and factional kill.