Push The Button

Whoever adds me on Discord I’ll consider wants to play!

(you don’t buy the game, i host by screen sharing on discord while everyone else enters a code on jackbox.tv)

not a forum game?

nope jackbox deception game

no i know what PTB is

oh ok gotcha,

ye dw i wouldve posted it under forum

(i would totally play that flavor tho ngl)

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unironically tho I was considering hosting PTB similarly to like, Starship Ephrom
(i would also get rid of the clause that you have to get EVERY alien)

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im in if so!

everyone getting captain once might work better but yeah

if u werent already doing that, and if i knew how the feck to balance role lists and stuff— id consider hosting that lol

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tbh it could work where like
you have everyone get captain once
and then all unused button pushes are used after the last captain

if this happened I’d probably make it so that you did have to get every Alien but yeah

i dont know shid about what would be fair in a forum scenario… the game itself is hard enough IMO

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and make it 7p with two aliens

aaa that sounds so fun!

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actually that sounds really cool
imma write up an OP :wowee:


do y’all think 6p or 7p is more balanced btw
both have two aliens, you have to get all aliens, but 7p adds an extra human

dont quote me on this but-- i think 7p sounds good

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Me not knowing what either of these are

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if u play in the game i host u will know >:)


starship ephrom was in Orangvitational and Omega Strikers FM