Queue Discussion Thread

2nd thing.

That was an accident.

It was WIP when it was originally Blind BoTF. Midnight is a full script albeit prototype.

Imma be honest i think you might want to maybe
Not run that

Assuming i know what you’re running, there’s a lot of characters that we don’t know how they work

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All the characters for Midnight seem to be known.

that is not true

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trust me
all those “prototypes” are just guesswork

a large majority of the script is unknown

I wish TPI would allow Donkey Wrangler to be used on customs sooner than later.

This is a PSA that I’m seeking to co-host any FM or BotF games, whenever.

No matter how much I read and do cardio, my job and my colleagues keep finding new ways to stress me out.

As of last week, I’m trying to stay sober and it’s proving to be a challenge. Getting to co-host again would really help distract me from the pressures I face at work.

Please DM me on discord if you’re interested in having me on. Thank you in advance.


i def dont have the availability to cohost stuff but i will say this is huge and u got this and i believe in u brother !!


I miss the white claws a bit but I stocked up on various sparkling waters and it’s proving an acceptable alternative so far. I got a case each of blackberry, grapefruit, raspberry lime, and arnold palmer sparkling water in my fridge


I don’t mind if you were to join as my co-host, and I’m fairly certain CRich doesn’t mind either, but… considering it’s my games, odds are non-zero where we won’t have enough players.

Are you still fine with this?

Ya sure

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Poppy Playtime FM is done with renovation, is it possible to ask for personal reviewer in mind?


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